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Matt Clifford Warns Humans to Set up AI Control Frameworks


Matt Clifford warns that humans have two years to set up frameworks to regulate and control AI models.

Furthermore, he stressed that AIs pose various threats to humanity in both short and long terms.

AI Models Need Urgent Regulations and Control

Matt Clifford, an adviser to the U.K Prime Minister’s AI Task Force has stated that AI models are becoming too powerful and has raised concerns for humanity’s safety.

Furthermore, he advised that AI developers and regulators should focus more on understanding the behavior of AI systems.

Noting that AI developers even complained about not knowing why AIs behave in the manner they do.

Notably, Clifford revealed that executives of AI-building organizations also agreed to subject AI to further scrutiny and evaluation before unleashing it.

Note, on June 5, 2023, the European Union’s officials mandated that all contents created by AIs should be labeled indicating it is AI-generated.

This will help people differentiate between AI-created content and human-created content to avoid being misinformed.

Note, the Center for AI Safety published a letter that stated that AI poses potential threats to humanity just like pandemics and nuclear weapons, and should be treated as such.

Furthermore, Lucy Powell, UK’s Labour digital spokeswoman instructed that ministers should enact strict regulatory measures on AI-producing companies.

She stressed that the measures should be on the manner these companies train their AI products on a wide range of databases.

Again, she stated that the UK should put more interest in regulating the way AIs are developed and should not ban technologies with facial recognition tools in the manner the EU did.

Notably, Lucy also advised that AI systems should be licensed just the way nuclear power and medicines are licensed.

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Chinese Cries Out on AI Risks to National Security

The Chinese government is working hard to lead the development of AI technology currently trending in the globe in 2023.

Nevertheless, the government has also acknowledged the risks associated with AI technology and called for actions to prevent it.

On 30 May 2023, Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, and the notable members of the Chinese Communist Party stressed effective action policies on security governance against AI systems.

Recently, China has noticed an increase in national security problems and decides to restrict data access and improve security measures.

Notably, the Chinese leaders cited that high degrees of the resemblance of AI-generated fakes audios and images to originals pose threats to social stability and national security.

Furthermore, the government has decided that all AI products in its territory must possess fundamental socialist values.

Again, AI content must not contain contents that will exhibit undermining elements to the Chinese state of power.








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