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Minimum Wage: FG’s N48,000 Proposal Makes No Sense – TUC


The federal government proposed to make N48,000 the new minimum wage to the dismay of the Trade Union Congress (TUC). The Trade Union congress rejected the proposal saying that it made no sense.

The president of the TUC, Festus Osifo complained about the proposal while deliberating in an interview. The interview was covered on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Wednesday.

According to Osifo, the federal government is taking the workers for granted and being unserious in the negotiations with workers.

In Osifo’s statement, “the least federal workers currently up to N77,000, so making it N48,000 is abysmal”

From his statement, the last person in the federal ministry before former President Muhammadu Buhari was earning N42,000.

So considering the wage award of N35,000 that was given and the N42,000, you will get N77,000. Therefore, the government presenting N48,000 as the new minimum wage proposal is something to worry about.

The TUC president challenged the Federal Government to present data defending the N48,000 proposal. The government should convince the union members that this amount is fair to the average Nigerian worker.

Union Leaders Describe Govt. Offer as Ridiculous

During the ongoing negotiations on minimum wage with the government, the labor union leaders walked out of the meeting.

In this meeting between the government, Union leaders, and the Organized Private Sector, the union leaders lamented that the government offer was a ridiculous one.

At the meeting, the TUC leader proposed a minimum wage of N615,000, giving a breakdown of how it’s aggregation.

But instead, the government proposed N48,000 without explaining how it should cater to the Nigerian worker’s needs.

The failure to present a backup for the proposed N48,000 budget only portrays the government as unprepared. this made the union leaders walk out of the meeting.

According to the union President, his members are still bent on concluding all talks about a new national minimum wage must be ended by May end.

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