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Minimum Wage: Nigerians Plead with NLC Not to Shut Down National Grid


The federal government and organized labor have yet to finalize the matters concerning the new minimum wage.

While the wait is on, Nigerians have voiced out online, asking labor unions not to tamper with the national grid if they go on strike.

The NLC rejected the offer of N62,000 that the federal government had made to them, or even N100,000 on Monday.

The union’s Assistant General Secretary Chris Onyeka described these figures as a starvation wage and unacceptable.

Chris maintains that the union’s position is very clear and that they have never considered accepting the N62,000 minimum wage.

Moreover, the union cannot settle for anything below what can take Nigerian workers home.

Starvation wage is not negotiable.

It must be N250,000 or nothing, according to the unions.

Nigerians Plea for National Grid Not to be Tampered Over Minimum Wage Issues

The one-week grace the unions gave the government will expire by midnight on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

Observing this, Nigerians decided to use social media to implore the Organized Labor not to tamper with power.

People expect another strike if there is no agreement between the Federal Government and labor, but they don’t want electricity to be affected.

“Okay good, do not touch the national grid. Please, I am begging you,” – A tweet from @TaoFeek182.

Another Twitter @Ishow_leck also posted.

“You guys should do whatever you want to do, but please keep off from the power grid this time.

Let’s all sit home and relax peacefully”.

People want to exempt the power grid from future strike action due to the previous week’s experiences.

The extended power outage left many Nigerians without light for much longer than expected, making life more challenging.

Another user on the X platform cautioned that the NNLC might lose the support of the masses if they shut down electricity.

However, a few others support a complete shutdown of every facility until the government responds.

The country should be brought to a standstill, @Dambatta_1 tweeted.

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