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Minimum Wage Saga: Labor Union Contemplate on N100,000, following President Tinubu’s Ultimatum


Organized labor might accept N100,000 as minimum wage as the Tripartite Committee’s meeting on the matter resumes.

The meeting, scheduled to last five days, would have the parties reach a consensus on the minimum wage.

On Tuesday, some labor movement sources hinted that Union leaders would be willing to review their demand from N494,000 to N100,000.

However, the public criticized the proposal, considering it unrealistic and outrageous.

Therefore, organized labor will likely be more considerate in its negotiations.

The Aide to the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Rabiu Ibrahim, released a statement calling the proposed minimum wage an untenable burden for the nation’s finances.

Mohammed Idris, the Minister, had earlier cried out on Saturday about the proposed minimum wage.

He said it would amount to an annual expenditure of about N9.5 trillion.

Though the National Assembly intervened, organized labor started an indefinite strike on Monday, shaking all economic activities nationwide.

It affected banks, public schools, courts, airports, and electricity, mounting pressure on the government to call for an emergency meeting.

President Tinubu Intervenes, Gives the Finance Minister Two Days to Provide Minimum Wage Cost Implications

The Unions decided to pause the strike for five days after the President agreed to increase the min. wage above N60,000.

Also, the Tripartite committee showed readiness to convene for five days to arrive at a reasonable minimum wage.

On Tuesday, the President showed his commitment by directing Finance Minister Wale Edun to develop the cost implications for a new minimum wage within two days.

President Tinubu gave this ultimatum at the Presidential Villa in Abuja during a meeting with the government negotiation team.

A senior NLC official confidently revealed to The PUNCH that the organized labor would not go below a N100,000 min wage.

The tripartite committee’s meeting, which started on Tuesday, mainly revolved around setting an agenda for the five-day assignment.

The government representatives said nothing about raising the N60,000. However, they prepared an agenda on how the negotiation would go.

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