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Mumbai Woman Loses Rs 24 Lakh To Fraudster On Matrimonial Site


Several fraudulent and scam cases have surfaced in the digital currency sphere recently, raising the need for additional security in the industry. In a recent case of cryptocurrency fraud, a Mumbai woman was duped by a conman she met on a matrimonial site, resulting in a loss of Rs 24 lakh.

The police reported that the victim said she had been looking for a suitable partner on the matrimonial site for a while. Her search continued until she came across a man who claimed to be a United States engineer. The man expressed interest in the victim and the two began chatting regularly.

Mumbai Woman Loses Rs 24 Lakh

During the conversations of both parties, the man told the victim that he was a successful cryptocurrency trader and offered to invest her money in the market. He convinced her to transfer Rs 24 lakh to his cryptocurrency wallet, promising her that he would get a substantial ROI after a while.

He took a step further to give her the phone number of the person who would take her through the investment process. Following the exchange of numbers, the victim had always called for guidance between April and December 2022.

The police speaking, mentioned that the culprits created a virtual account in her name, wherein she would see her investment growing. Within the period, she saw her investment grow to about $62,000, approximately Rs 52 lakh.

The officer stated that the guide later demanded an additional amount of Rs 12 lakh in the early period of 2023. The guide stated that the amount was to cover conversation fees and income tax. The report failed to mention whether or not the victim released the requested amount, but the police cited that she requested a withdrawal of part of the funds.

However, after some days, she realized that she had been duped, as both culprits stopped responding to her messages and calls. Her virtual account also became dysfunctional, stirring up the move to approach the Mumbai police to file a complaint against the conman.

The police have registered a case of cheating against the accused and are currently investigating the matter. This highlights the need for the public to be cautious while sharing personal information and financial details with strangers on the internet, even on online matrimonial sites.

Prevalent Crypto Frauds In 2023

Cryptocurrency frauds have become increasingly common in recent years, with several cases of people falling prey to online scammers. Some of the fraudulent schemes that will likely continue in 2023 include phishing and Ponzi scams.

Primarily, phishing scam involves obtaining the personal information of a crypto user such as digital wallet vital data. To achieve this, the culprits would create and send emails to lead potential victims to fake websites where they can obtain the necessary information.

Ponzi schemes on the other hand create fake investment opportunities. The conspirers typically raise funds from naive investors to pay existing ones.

Crypto users and investors are advised to exercise caution while venturing into cryptocurrencies and to only use reputable platforms for trading. They also need to be wary of unsolicited investment offers and conduct thorough research before investing their money.

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