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‘My Moment with Bill Walton’- Micheal Wilbon


Micheal Wilbon gave a moving and heartfelt tribute captioned ‘My Bill Walton Moment’ on PTI yesterday evening.

It captures the essence of Bill Walton not just as a basketball legend but as a genuinely kind and empathetic person.

In 1991, Micheal said, “I was still recuperating from an injury from a car accident, and I got into Freedom Hall for some Cardinal hoops. On crutches.

I was trying to climb the steps to my seat when Bill Walton, who was playing a game on TV, walked up the aisle.

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He stopped and asked, “What happened? How are you doing?

According to Walton, he knew about surgeries.

He has also gone through many, such as Foot problems, Leg problems, and even a broken back.

Michael knew pain until the end, but he always wanted to offer words of encouragement to others, which he did.

Michael’s and Others Story Illustrates Bill Walton’s Remarkable Character

It shows that his concern for others transcended his challenges and pain.

Micheal further said, “It wasn’t gratuitous.

He spent several minutes chatting with me before he moved on.”

He made a lasting impact both on and off the court, leaving behind a legacy of not only athletic greatness but also profound personal kindness.

His encounter with him at Freedom Hall is a beautiful testament to his character.

Moreover, sharing it adds to the collective memory of Bill Walton—a genuinely good and caring individual.

Since the news of Walton’s passing broke, everyone who shared their memories of him has echoed the same sentiment: he was a decent, caring, interesting, and intelligent person.

They said he always asked others how they were doing, showing a genuine interest in people’s lives.

Bill Walton Is Among the Best College Basketball Players

“I’ll admit it took me a while to enjoy a game Bill Walton was commentating.

His style was an acquired taste.

But eventually, I fell for his childlike charm and enthusiasm. I came to cherish it.”

“What a fascinating guy. What an incredible basketball player.” Micheal said

Undoubtedly, he’s among the greatest college basketball players ever, possibly even the best.

In the NCAA title game against Memphis State, he made 21 of 22 shots.

But that’s not the whole story—he also made four more dunks that didn’t count because of the no-dunk rule at the time.

He scored with hooks, turnarounds, and layups.

Sure, 6-8 Ronnie Robinson was no match, but hitting 25 out of 26 shots in a title game is impressive, no matter who you’re against.

Sadly, he passed away the day after the last league game in his beloved Conference of Champions.




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