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New Claim on Being Pennsylvania’s Missing Girl of 1985


Cherrie Mahan had gone m!ssing in 1985. Cherrie Mahan’s family had to endure the pain of not seeing their daughter.

In the last 40 years, three women have laid claim to be the missing girl.

Recently, a woman made a post on Facebook claiming to be the missing girl.

Earlier, the woman made several posts in remembrance of the Pennsylvania missing girl on a Facebook page.

She titled it “Memories of Cherrie Mohan”. Later on in May. the same woman claimed to be the m!ssing girl.

Immediately, the woman’s post was everywhere in the Pennsylvania media.

However, it did not turn out as expected. Cherrie Mahan’s mother went to the police regarding the Facebook post.

Cherrie’s mother said she does not believe the woman on Facebook is her missing girl.

Mother Debunks Missing Girl Claim by Woman

Janice McKinney replied on the Organ Facebook page that the Pennsylvania police have been contacted.

Furthermore, she told Butler Eagle Newspaper she did not believe the woman’s post.

However, some Organ group members feel the new woman should be given a chance.

Rather, Janice said, “This is very hard for me so please be aware I see everything”.

Moreover, the woman who claims to be the missing girl has been removed from the Facebook public group.

Brock Organ said the group had to block the woman because of bullying and harassing other members.

According to Organ, the woman should go to the police for a DNA test.

He added that claiming to be the missing girl online was not the right way.

Furthermore, Organ asked the Facebook group to continue in their payers for the missing girl’s family.

Cherrie Mahan went missing in late February 1985. She went missing after getting down from the school bus that day.

Moreover, the m!ssing girl’s home was 100 yards from her drop point.

McKinney and her family pray every year at the exact spot where Cherrie disappeared.

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