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New Texas Senate Bill Quest to Lessen Bitcoin Mining Incentives



The latest bill from the New Texas Senate wants to place restrictions on Bitcoin Mining transactions in Texas and at the same time slash incentives for the industry.

It seems that very soon, the Bitcoin mining firms which are based in Texas may forgo the financial incentives which have helped the industry acquire a solid competitive benefit in the State.

Earlier in March, a new senate bill 1751 was introduced in the Lone Star State. The new bill intends to safeguard the electric grid of the state during peak loads without a proposed measure being the utility-scale.

Major Provisions of the New Bill

The key thing provided by the bill is the restriction of the Bitcoin mining enterprises from partaking in the State-operated demand response program.

According to the bill, this program allows miners to gain rewards for providing power back to the grid. Most especially, when the demand for power poses a threat to swamp the system unless the expected electricity demand is below 10% of the overall load needed by the loads in the program.

Furthermore, in a statement by Senator Lois Kolkhorst streaming, the bill’s sponsor, “this bill will also restrain virtual currency mining from the tax reliefs since the large scale growth within the virtual currency mining is already predicted to happen in the State”. He also added that there isn’t any need for the state to sponsor that growth.

The Senator for the state of Texas further explained that the new bill is not for disciplinary action. Instead, it is projected to rightsize for the sector which does not need such assistance says Kolkhorst.

Beneficiaries of the Texas Incentives

One of the biggest Texas-based Bitcoin mining platforms Riot Blockchain which are rebranded recently to Riot Platforms has always been a big beneficiary of the present Texas incentives.

The platform alone earned up to $9.5 million last summer on power credits after it suspends its operations at the time of the heatwave.

In North America, the Riot Rockdale Bitcoin mining platform is regarded as the largest since it has an overall power capacity of 750 MW.

The company has also started development for a huge 1 GW (gigawatt) development to spread its hosting and Bitcoin mining capacity in Navarro County with the first 400 MW of capacity expected to commence in July this year.

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Electricity Usage of Bitcoin Miners Grows

In a recent report which cited Lee Bratcher, the Texas Blockchain Council president, the Texas Bitcoin miners are at present consuming up to 2,100 megawatts of Texas’s power supplies which is more than 75% of the last year’s usage.

Furthermore, the current power usage metric is showing nearly 3 times usage against the last year’s usage says Bratcher.

In addition, the data of ERCOT is also showing that the Bitcoin mining industry in Texas’s power demand takes up to 3.7% of Texas’s lowest forecast peak load in 2023.

Meanwhile, Lee Bratcher, the President of the Texas Blockchain Council, Kristine Cranley, the firm’s director of business development, and Pierre Rochard, Riot’s VP oppose this new bill.


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