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Nobel Prize Author Alice Munro Pass on at 92 Years


Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize winner in 2013.

Munro has published several short stories spanning over 60 years.

Most of her stories center on the living conditions of those in the Canadian countryside.

However, Alice, the Laurel winner died on a Monday night in her home in Ontario.

Her death has been confirmed by both her family and publisher.

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While alive, Alice was often likened to the Russian author Anton Chekhov.

Both authors’ stories shared similarities in compassion and ideology.

Alice Munro can be best described as a national treasure to Canada.

She was a writer with a touch of humanity, depth, and empathy at the same time.

Moreover, Alice’s readers span across the shores of Canada to the world.

Award-Winning Alice Munro Rise to Fame

Alice Munro was born to a school teacher and a fox farmer in 1931 in Ontario.

Most of Alice’s stories were inspired by the living conditions and culture of the sub-urban area.

Alice was her class Valedictorian during her high school days. She thereafter got a scholarship to attend Western Ontario University.

Alice Munro had her first breakthrough with the short story collection “Dance of The Happy Shades” in 1968. It was a collection of stories on life in the outskirts of Wester Ontario.

The stories won the hearts of many and won the Governor General Award (the greatest Canadian literary award).

However, this became the beginning of more awards for Alice Munro. She was awarded a total of three Governor General Awards during her lifetime.

Alice was able to publish up to thirteen short story collections.

Furthermore, Alice Munro has to her credit a novel title Lives of Girls and women.

She also wrote two volumes of choice Selected Stories.

New Yorker magazine recognized Alice Munro’s work and published the “Royal Beatings” in 1977.

The story piece is based on the punishments she received while growing up with her father.

Alice Munro thereafter kept a good relationship with the magazine after the publication.

Moreover, the Novel committee described Alice Munro as the “Master of contemporary short stories”. Some of her stories tell about life before the 1960 revolution and afterward.

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