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Olympic Power Broker Sheikh Ahmad Banned 15 Years for Forgery


A former Olympic power broker of Kuwait convicted for forgery has received a 15-year ban after appearing in a Swiss criminal appeals court.

As an IOC Member, Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahal al-Sabah had betrayed his IOC Member’s oath. It caused serious damage to the IOC’s reputation.

His sanction was quickly approved by the Olympic body’s executive board in a verdict observed by The Associated Press.

He had been previously sanctioned with a three-year ban on account of unethical conduct. This happened in an Olympic Council of Asia election.

This 15-year ban starts from the date of his previous ban which started July 27 last year. The Sheikh will turn 61 by August after the close of the Paris Games.

He will be 74 at the end of his ban.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah’s career effectively over

The Sheikh’s membership in the IOC expires at age 80, and his ban will be over when he is 74. Also, the Olympic Charter allows the IOC members to meet annually to disband any colleague who betrays their oath.

Sheikh Ahmad headed the Olympic Council of Asia before becoming a member of the IOC in 1992. He was actively involved in campaigning for the current IOC president Thomas Bach in 2013.

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As a consequence of his actions, he has dropped his responsibilities as the leader of the global group of national Olympic bodies called ANOC.

Sheikh Ahmad, his English previous lawyer, a Kuwaiti aide, and a Geneva-based lawyer were convicted in September 2021.

They were charged with orchestrating a sham arbitration, and these convictions were upheld in January this year.

The Sheikh was once implicated by federal prosecutors in New York when he was accused of steering bribes to Asian soccer officials.

He was a senior FIFA official at that time between 2015 and 2017. However, he was not prosecuted for this but rather withdrew his candidacy for re-election into office.


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