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Popular YouTuber BitBoy Crypto Allegedly Threatened and Harassed Lawyer behind FTX Lawsuit


The popular YouTuber BitBoy Crypto Ben Armstrong is accused of bullying and harassing a lawyer who is taking part in a proposed group action lawsuit.

BitBoy Crypto is one of the influencers who were accused and sued for misleading investors by recommending FTX’s products after receiving compensation.

The influencer is currently facing another legal scrutiny after he sent threatening messages to the lawyers involved in the lawsuit.

YOuTuber BitBoy


In a recent video, Armstrong denied the fact and is claiming defamation. He also claimed that he never transacted any form of business with the crypto empire’s Sam Bankman-Fried.

What Prompted the Harassment Case?

The attorneys leading the class action lawsuit against Armstrong and other crypto influencers on Monday filed a suit against BitBoy Crypto. In the lawyer’s statement to a judge, after filing the class action lawsuit last week, BitBoy Crypto has been making endless calls, sending emails, and tweets to Adam Moskowitz who is the attorney representing one of the plaintiffs in the case. says the filing:

The filing also alleged that Armstrong indicated that the home address of Moskowitz is presently making rounds on Reddit. Also, in another email which the crypto influencer reportedly sent to the attorney on 16 March, he wrote:

In the statement to Law360 on Twitter late last Monday night by BitBoy, Moskowitz said that BitBoy Crypto seems unrepentant. As a result, he responded by filing directly to the court to accuse Armstrong of threatening and harassing lawyers.

According to the leading lawyer of the class action lawsuit, BitBoy has been privately bombarding him with endless emails, phone calls, and tweets while publicly, he posts threatening and insulting statements.

Moreover, BitBoy’s behavior is escalating very fast says Moskowitz. In his statement, Moskowitz reported that Armstrong has already made up to 21 calls to his office line within a space of 45 minutes interval.

That notwithstanding, Armstrong used an unknown number to send a warning voicemail to one of the Lawyers involved in the class action lawsuit which says that “we are going to conduct First Amendment protesters all over your home 24/7 day and night”.

Moskowitz goes on to say that in a different voicemail, BitBoy said that he has circulated all the attorney’s home addresses on Reddit. Also included in the filing by Moskowitz are Armstrong’s emails laced with profanities. In addition, there is a message from BitBoy that warns the lawyer that he is “opting for war with an anonymous community whereas you are not”.

The message goes on as follows; “just with a few Bitcoin, to get you and your family destroyed. So be careful. These people you provoked are quite dangerous.

This behavior of Armstrong is what led Moskowitz to make a report to the presiding judge of the class action lawsuit.




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