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President Biden Arrives in Europe at a Cr!tical Time in Russia-Ukraine War


U.S. President Biden arrived in Paris on Wednesday in honor of the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

The D-Day is a memorial day for people k*lled for democracy’s sake.

Biden k!lled two birds with one stone while honoring a visit hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The U.S. president seeks to deepen ties with his transatlantic allies and prevent an upset to the current geopolitical order.

The re-energized Russia-Ukraine w@r, China’s looming thre@t, and election risks currently threaten the geopolitical order.

According to John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, Biden believes the Europeans are at an inflection point in history.

However, John says his beliefs stem from the manner of geopolitical changes around the world and the challenges it currently presents.

Biden Speaks to the People at the Memorial

The U.S. President arrived in France on Wednesday morning and made it to Normandy on Thursday for the D-Day anniversary.

At the occasion, Biden told the people that freedom had never been guaranteed and that every generation had to fight to earn it.

They had to choose between autocracy and democracy in b@ttle.

They had to f#ght against the greed of a few and for the rights of many.

Biden took the opportunity to honor the heroes of democracy and also thanked survivors, veterans, and their family members in the audience.

In addition, he showed how he shared their grief when he lost his son to cancer.

His son Beau Biden passed from cancer due to the effects of the w@r.

Furthermore, he talked about his signing of the 2022 bipartisan PACT Act.

Notably, the Act aims to expand healthcare services to all veterans vulnerable to burn pits and other h#zardous materials.

When Lloyd Austin introduced Biden to the people, he reminded them that their arms and technology might be the world’s envy.

However,  in the end, their people would always be America’s greatest strategic asset.

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