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President Tinubu Maintains Composure After Slipping; Boarding the Parade Vehicle On Democracy Day


The Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu, missed his step, causing him to visibly slip when trying to board the Parade vehicle for Democracy Day.

In the heat of the program, President Tinubu, who had just shortly arrived at Eagles Square, moved to the parade vehicle.

Observers say he momentarily lost his footing while stepping into the parade vehicle.

However, the President regained his composure immediately after slipping and continued with the program.

Meanwhile, the program is one of the series of events lined up to commemorate the country’s Democracy Day celebration.

The video is available here.

The footage of this incident has flooded social media channels, raising concerns among Nigerians.

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, reacted to this incident, hoping President Tinubu is well.

President Tinubu’s Fall; It is Normal to Fall, Says Concerned Nigerians

Nigerians on social media have been dropping their reactions to the latest happening at the Democracy Day celebration.

Notably, the video of the President’s slip has spread like wildfire. So, some Nigerians took the opportunity to mock the President.

However, others have downplayed the occurrence, seeing that the President continued with the program.

According to a tweet by Arakunrin Olabisi on X, he said it was a normal thing to fall, but what matters is that we rise again.

He noted that since the President rose after slipping, Nigeria will rise and be great again.

Another X user, @xfactum, tweeted anonymously, “People are really looking for this man’s downfall.”

Also, one concerned Nigerian posted anonymously, saying, “I will never laugh at this. This can happen to anyone.

Even Joe Biden once experienced the same.”

Many more Nigerians voiced out concerning his fall, some showing their hate while others worried about him and his wellbeing.

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