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Prince William Celebrates with Hugh Grosvenor; Harry Declined the Wedding Invitation


“Nuptial of the Year” best describes the marriage between Hugh Grosvenor and Olivia Henson.

The occasion had the la crème of British society.

The high and mighty, including Prince William, attended Hugh’s wedding reception.

However, Prince Harry was nowhere in sight at the occasion.

The 41-year-old Prince William attended Hugh Grosvenor’s nuptials well-dressed.

Hush’s wedding was held in Northern England at the Chester Cathedral. Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales wore a dashing black tailcoat.

Prince William round out his looks with a white shirt and dark-colored shoes.

Prince Williams walked briskly into Chester Cathedral without a glance at the crowd.

Moreover, he came to Hush’s wedding venue in a black Mercedes ride.

Prince William was unaccompanied by his spouse, Kate Middleton.

However, King Charles and Kate Middleton could not attend Hush’s wedding due to cancer treatment.

Prince William Shows Solidarity with Longtime Friend- Hush Grosvenor

Hush Grosvenor is currently the Duke of Westminster. His estate is worth almost $13 billion.

The Duke, alongside his wife, invited over 400 people to their wedding on Friday.

Prince William attended Hush’s wedding in the absence of his brother.

Moreover, almost all wealthy British families were at Hush’s wedding.

Furthermore, Hush Grosvenor and Prince Williams are close friends.

Also, King Charles is the godfather of Hush. More so, Hush Grosvenor is the godfather of both Prince Williams and Harry’s first sons.

The 33-year-old Duke of Westminster is a friend to Prince William and his brother Harry.

However, Prince Harry was unable to attend Hush’s wedding on Friday. His absence is likely due to his issues with the royal family.

Moreover, Harry turned down Hush’s invitation to avoid an issue with William at the wedding.

Hush agreed with Harry’s reason for not upsetting his wedding.

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