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Priyanka Chopra Got the Shock of her Life When her Agent Asked for Pay Parity


Star actress Priyanka Chopra has successfully switched over to Hollywood from Bollywood.

She has even co-starred in a lead role in Quantico and Citadel too.

She expressed surprise when her agents asked for a pay parity. This exact incident occurred while the WOMB promotional was ongoing.

She said it came as a shocker that she has wielded such power to even request for a pay parity!

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It was indeed a game changer for Priyanka as pay parity is unheard of in Hollywood.

Women in the Hollywood industry have become used to being paid far less than their male counterparts.

Priyanka Sheds Light on Her Bollywood Pay Parity Experience

Never for once has Priyanka shed light in past years on the disparity of payment in Bollywood.

“I have never received pay parity” were Priyanka’s exact words. Bollywood actresses have to make do with 10% of what the male actors are paid.

The low pay of female actresses has become a norm and everyone has become tired of demanding more.

Priyanka Chopra Jones had come into the limelight after winning the 2000 Miss World Beauty Pageant.

This offered the once small-town young lady an opportunity of a lifetime.

She spoke in an interview with BBC 100 Women on the challenges faced by women in Bollywood in terms of pay parity.

Chopra also brought up issues of body shaming and the dose of pressure women get from social media.

She said her first ever pay parity was in the movie Citadel where she co-stared with Richard Madden.

She has however moved over to starring in Heads of States which features Idris Elba and John Cena.

Do expect to see the beloved Priyanka Chopra in the movie The Bluff.

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