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Realst, Latest macOS Malware Steals Crypto and Data


Hackers use the new Mac malware Realst in a broad-range campaign to target Apple computers. Its latest variant at present is the developing support for macOS 14 Sonoma.

A security researcher, iamdeadlyz, was the first to discover that this malware spread to macOS and Windows users in the guise of fake blockchain games.

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A Quick Take

  • The Realist malware is shared via malicious websites that offer fake blockchain games intending to steal crypto assets and sensitive data like passwords.
  • The game installers infect devices with information-stealing malware like; RedLine Stealer on Windows and Realst on macOS. It steals information from its target’s web browsers and crypto wallet apps and returns it to the threat actors.
  • This info stealer takes advantage of games like; Brawl Earth, SaintLegend, WildWorld, Olymp of Reptiles, Dawnland, Pearl, Evolution, and Destruction. All of these games are advertised on social media, with the threat players using direct messages to distribute access codes needed to download the fake game customer from related websites.
  • With the access codes, the threat players can now examine the victims they want to scam and prevent security researchers who intend to disclose their malicious actions.
  • This new malware is connected to the previous Pearland info stealer. Moreover, each version of this fake blockchain game came with a specific website, Discord accounts, and Twitter accounts.
  • The attack chain starts when the threat actors approach potential targets via direct messages on their social media. They try to convince victims to test a game they say is part of a paid partnership. They aim to siphon the victim’s crypto wallets and steal sensitive data upon execution.
  • Their major web browser targets are; Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Overall, every user should apply caution and be vigilant. Only download things you are asked from unknown sites to download.

What’s Happening In Crypto Today?

As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin is at $29,201.57, with an increase in market cap by 0.15% and a decrease in trading volume by 15.51%.

On the part of Ethereum, it is currently trading at $1,852.25 with a decrease in market cap by 0.02% and a reduction in volume by 14.34%.

  • Cardano is presently trading at $0.3016 with a decrease in market cap by 1.08% and a reduction in volume by 8.34%.
  • TRON‘s current price is at $0.08124, with an increase in market cap by 0.51% and an increase in volume by 11.14%.
  • On the other hand, Solana is presently trading at $23.83, with an increase in market cap by 2.23% and a decrease in volume by 5.82%.













































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