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Reviving Old Devices: Cloud App Powered by Solana


Solana’s blockchain and Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure have launched a new virtual smartphone application, targeting users whose hardware is outdated and those in emerging economies.

Mobile device users who are slowed down due to their outdated hardware could take advantage of the new smartphone application which runs on decentralized infrastructure as well as the Solana blockchain. Users who are in countries with emerging economies are not left out on this either.

On March 7, a Cloud-based smartphone app, Aphone made its debut in the Solana ecosystem as an online-based virtual smartphone.  The integration of the Solana blockchain together offers users access to a variety of Web3 and conventional applications.

Jennifer Booze, the head of Aphone’s growth lead and ecosystem development disclosed all there is to know about the service following its launch in correspondence to Cointelegraph.

Aphone Features

With Aphone you get the feel that you are using the conventional Android devices we all know. This is because it looks and feels exactly like other smartphones.

You should also bear in mind that there is no limit to its usability. That is to say, you can use it on an Android or Apple device and also on a browser.

According to Booze, the Aphone does the function of operating more with its interface, basic technology, and features rather than replacing the operating system of the device it is on.

In her words “It’s a cloud smartphone environment that users can access through their current devices, leveraging decentralized cloud computing to run Web3 applications smoothly without needing local hardware upgrades,”

The virtual device is envisioned by the team behind it, to be a means of bringing users on board to Web3 applications and its protocol which was initially being obstructed by the limitations of hardware devices.

Empowering Legacy Smartphones: Aphone’s $20/year Virtual Device Unlocks Web3 and DePIN Access

Aphone’s service operates on Aethir, a decentralized cloud-based GPU computing infrastructure, bypassing the hardware limits of older smartphone models. The interface and applications run on the cloud, allowing access to apps and games beyond the device’s capacity.

Booze stated the virtual device’s main use is to facilitate access to the growing Web3 ecosystem in emerging markets where smartphones and mobile internet are prevalent.

Using Aether’s technology, APhone lets users explore advanced Web3 applications, NFTs, DeFi platforms, and blockchain games on their smartphones.

The virtual alternative costs $20 annually. Users can buy an Aphone NFT on the Solana blockchain for access.

The device also connects to decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) on Solana, like Helium, which rewards users for network coverage and transaction validation.

Cointelegraph inquired about Aphone’s use of blockchain infrastructure and its native PHONE token. Booze explained that operating on Solana provides high transaction speeds, lower costs, enhanced security, and decentralization. These features support a seamless Web3 experience, managing NFTs, and tokens, and accessing DApps.

Aethir’s infrastructure, according to Booze, enables powerful processing capabilities necessary for demanding Web3 applications. This makes the integration of blockchain technology essential for APhone’s operation.

The device’s native token will be used for governance and rewards to drive user engagement. DePINs, explored by Cointelegraph, are gaining importance as resources for AI tools. The recently developed DePIN platform utilizes Solana’s blockchain for processing millions of microtransactions for AI computing power.


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