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Ripple CEO Slams Gary Gensler for Arming Lack of Regulatory Clarity to Exercise Dominance over Crypto


During the later parts of 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple.

The grounds for their litigation were that allegedly, Ripple sold XRP as an unregistered security.

Garlinghouse made his sentiments known during an interview on Twitter.

As per his statements, he is responding to the unveiling of Hinman’s speech documents in the ongoing SEC versus Ripple lawsuit.

Furthermore, he stated his official position saying that in his opinion, ETH (Ethereum) and BTC (Bitcoin) are not securities.

According to Ripple’s Chair, Hinman’s email indicates that maybe the officials of the SEC can’t reach an agreement on how to find out if a cryptocurrency asset is a security.

As a result, the SEC’s legal action against Ripple doesn’t have legitimacy, or it may be that Hinman acted without the law.

However, Garlinghouse is still hoping that the lawsuit should come to a satisfactory conclusion very soon.

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Why Much Reliance on the Hinman’s Speech?

It seems that Hinman’s speech built new factors essential in determining whether a token sufficiently becomes decentralized to the extent of being regarded as a security.

What Hinman’s documents show at best is that SEC senior officials cannot agree on the laws.

Furthermore, they directly told Bill Hinman that he will confuse the general public more about the crypto regulations.

On the downside, Bill Hinman intentionally ignored the law and attempted to produce new laws.

This action was only designated to Congress but Hinman as a public servant got millions of dollars of payment from his law firm and this was in agreement with certain others that are stakeholders in his speech.

Hinman’s speech is not about a particular blockchain or a token but it is highlighting the extent to which the Securities and Exchange Commission has unwaveringly sought legal actions against cryptocurrency actors.

While on the other hand, they are confessing to offer welcoming hands to crypto firms to ‘come in and register’ which proves to be a lie about their supposed guidance.






















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