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Ripple Delves Into Crypto Custody Via Metaco


A top player in the crypto arena, Ripple, has announced today of acquiring Metaco.

Metaco is a Swiss-based company specializing in digital assets custody and tokenization technology.

Ripple’s move expanded its enterprise offerings towards the crypto custody market via Metaco.

The partnership with Metaco marks an exciting development for Ripple.

It will broaden Ripple’s enterprise offerings and provide users with cutting-edge solutions for issuing, custody, and settlement of tokenized assets.

Moreover, Ripple acknowledges the extraordinary leadership and customer success that Metaco offers.

These benefits make the partnership a strategy suitable for both parties.

Ripple is excited to work closely with the Metaco Team.

It is taking advantage of this favorable landscape to provide innovative solutions to customers.

Also, it further consolidates its stance as a trailblazer within enterprise-level crypto solutions.

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Metaco’s Custody Infrastructure

The vital custody infrastructure by Metaco, known as Harmonize, offers a mission-critical custody infrastructure to institutions.

Also, it ensures security and allows the scaling of new business structures in the crypto economy.

This powerful custody and tokenization asset has garnered global recognition.

Key custodians, corporations, financial institutions, and leading banks accept it as the industry standard.

Ripple’s decision to collaborate with Metaco is due to its collection of top-tier institutional clientele,

It also has a proven performance history of partnership with regulated bodies to provide safe enterprise-grade remedies.

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Reasons for the Acquisition

Metaco’s technology adoption has spread wide, and it covers various regions.

This includes; Switzerland, France, the Philippines, Germany, Hong Kong, Turkey, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United States.

Notably, the giant players within the financial sector are focusing on crypto custody.

As such, the industry is ready for unparalleled growth and new business opportunities.

This venture goes beyond custody alone. It includes several use cases for cryptos and digital assets.

However, Metaco’s technology solutions success in several regions doesn’t assure a flawless incorporation into Ripple’s existing client base.













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