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Ripple Launches Liquidity Hub To Upgrade Business Payment


Source: YouTube

With the launch of its anticipated Liquidity Hub, Ripple hopes to upgrade business transactions. The payment can now be done without using its cryptocurrency, XRP.

By giving businesses more transparency and liquidity, this hub is designed to improve user experience as a whole.

Ripple’s Liquidity Hub Will Transform Business Payment Method

Ripple has made an impact in the cryptocurrency industry over time, with its quick, secure, and affordable cross-border payment solution. Ripple Labs recently launched Liquidity Hub services a fintech company.

This new Ripple platform enables businesses to access different crypto exchanges, over-the-counter desks, and market makers worldwide with the help of a single API.

This also allows users to make cross-border payments but with the need for Bitcoin, Litcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum classic and Ethereum.

Real-time pricing, advanced reporting, and analytics capabilities are all available in the Hub. Which will help businesses to carry out faster payments.

Ripple’s objective is to enable businesses to execute faster, more transparent, cheaper, and more efficient transactions worldwide.

With a user-friendly interface and a straightforward connection method for various platforms, the Ripple Liquidity Hub was created to address several issues.

These issues might arise when combining digital currencies and fiat currencies, allowing businesses to manage and obtain liquidity without complex installations.

The interconnection and huge reservoir of liquidity across asset pairs offered by Liquidity Hub are essential to its success.

Additionally, it’s crucial to compare costs and liquidity from many sources and enable firms to spend less on high-volume activities like treasury management.

XRP’s Ominous Absence Raises Questions


Source: Twitter

The Ripple Liquidity Hub platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, and BCH. However, there is no mention of XRP, raising concerns among XRP users. However, WrathofKahneman clarified that the product does not utilize XRP tokens.

He said that although he assumed it would link to Ripple’s ODL solution, it is still unclear whether it will even use RippleNet due to the imprecise information that is now available.

Ripple possibly has strategic reasons for this omission, such as market or regulatory considerations, for not integrating XRP into their new Liquidity Hub.

However, Ripple might incorporate XRP into their plans for the Liquidity Hub.

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XRP Price Outlook

XRP has a market capitalization of nearly $27 billion and is the eighth-largest cryptocurrency as of April 14, 2023.

The digital payment token came in behind leader Ethereum in terms of the market capitalization of smart contract platforms.

On January 4, 2018, XRP reached an all-time high of $3.84, according to statistics from CoinMarketCap.

Since then, the SEC’s action has caused the token’s price to decline. Throughout 2022, XRP fell sharply, reaching a 52-week low of $0.2906 on June 18.

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XRP was trading at $0.3399 on December 31, 2022, having dropped by roughly 60% throughout the year.

But throughout 2022, ripple had outperformed the cryptocurrency market, which had declined by almost 65%.

2023 has thus far been a more optimistic year for XRP and the cryptocurrency market. XRP started the year 2023 at $0.3399 and rose to $0.4064 in February.

On March 29, Ripple rose to a high of $0.5804, its highest price since May 2022. By April 13, 2023, it was trading at approximately $0.5075.

Much of its future price action rests on the outcome of the SEC case and investor sentiment afterward.

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