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Robert Kiyosaki – 5 Side Gigs you can venture into from any location in the globe


Side gigs are a pronounced way to get additional income, chase a passion, or start a new business at your leisure.

It’s ideal to weigh the possibilities of determining which side gigs suit your objectives, skills, budget, and free time with the abundance of side gigs.

Despite what some business gurus and coaches attest, no side gig promises success or that can turn you into a bazillionaire instantly.

A side hustle, just like any other business, requires a lot of attention, commitment, and persistence.

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Interestingly, side gigs offer a great potential for profit and growth, which may even lead to full-time employment.

There are numerous side hustle options and lots of information to help you begin a side gig from anywhere.

This article provides comprehensive information on 5 Side Gigs you can venture into from any location in the globe. Read on to find out more!

5 Side Profitable gigs that can earn you additional income

If you are looking for the right side gig to boost your income, attempt something new, or prepare yourself for becoming a full-time business proprietor.

Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author of the popular “Rich Dad Poor Dad” revealed a list of side hustle ideas on a Facebook post.

In his post, he stated that it in recent times, the idea of side gigs cannot be reemphasized as it is becoming dominant.

He mentioned that many people are on a quest for other financial options, due to the massive layoffs and unpaid leaves caused by the pandemic.

When he’s asked by people from different age ranges about his opinion on side hustles, he will respond that there are numerous options out there.

Enlisted below is the list of side gigs you can do from anywhere in the world if you don’t know where to begin:

  1. Offer Online Tutoring Services

Online tutoring is a great way to make extra money, if you like teaching or have knowledge in some particular area. There’s always a demand for tutors and personal trainers, which means you can get all sorts of flexible side gigs.

Also, there are online platforms that enable you to connect to potential students you can tutor remotely. To avoid paying platform fees, you can also promote your teaching services online and ask for referrals.

Consider tutoring high school students whose parents are willing to pay you if their kids have higher test scores and grades. If you’re a Spanish major, you can tutor high school Spanish students and tutor students for this test with a good SAT score.

Even adult students can be offered in-person and virtual training services. Adults enjoy expanding their horizons and may attend classes during school hours if it’s more convenient for their busy schedules.

Conversely, you can tutor students via online means like over audio, conference calls, or online chat without an educational background. Summarily, you can tutor specific courses or subjects like computer science, English language, mathematics, etc.

You can utilize an online tutoring platform for side gigs, although the requirements vary among platforms. These platforms may demand for a degree and experience and the subject and work arrangement may determine the pay.

Being an independent tutor is a flexible option and there are numerous benefits. It’s easy and very possible because you can hunt for potential students by marketing your services by yourself.

As an independent tutor, you have control over your hourly rate, set your rate, and leverage your experience and skills in a particular field. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned if you’re a wiz, you can earn $15 – $80 per hour as an online tutor.

  1. Online Sales of Products

Interestingly, one way to earn extra cash is by discovering a problem and creating a problem in the form of in-demand products. Robert Kiyosaki described how a mask seller made over $15,000 from selling over 1000 units of face masks at the rate of $14.99.

Imagine how much more you can make if you offer a solution to a problem or from selling products online. You can buy items for resale, create new products, or sell the goods you don’t need anymore.

You may also consider dropshipping if you don’t want to ship products by yourself. Alternatively, you can sell digital products with little or no money as they require less long-term effort.

You could also create digital products in your spare time, and these cost little or nothing and sell via download on different platforms. Monetize your products on Canva, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc, or by downloads from your website, social space, and other platforms.

Some of these hot market seller products could be digital artwork, logos, eBooks, photography, music, video, and website design templates.

If you want to take advantage of your creativity, this scalable option will be most appropriate. A lot of e-commerce platforms support all kinds of digital product sales.

  1. Teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL)

You can begin a side hustle by offering English lessons to individuals and groups either locally or to foreign students over video. It is possible to teach people who wish to learn the language if you’re a native English speaker.

This can be achievable by teaching students formal lessons and allowing students to lead conversations, so they can practice their vocabulary objectives.

You’ll be able to work for teacher platforms, run your own teaching business, or work part-time at a language school. Being a typical English language speaker with excellent teaching skills can allow you to earn extra income while teaching independently.

You can either do that or choose to work for a school or a platform that requires a Bachelor’s degree. The hourly pay for this online lesson may vary but you can earn an average of $10-$40 hourly.

Kiyosaki in his Facebook post established that over the last few months, English classes have been exploding with foreign students. The demand for these English teachers is enormous in countries like China.

However, the requirement of these tutors in some companies is a Bachelor’s degree; therefore, luck has caught you if you’ve got one. The sad truth about this kind of hustle is that you are still an employee who just trades time for money.

  1. Become a Transcriptionist

Generally, to embrace transcription as a side gig, you must possess excellent listening skills, typing skills, and a good command of language. These will help to ensure accuracy in recording transcription.

Some work-from-home experts admit that specialized transcription is one of the best side gigs that pay at the moment. As a transcriptionist, you need to be acquainted with software and tools for transcription.

Overall, transcription involves high-level attention to detail and being accurate to guarantee that the finished transcript reflects the original. To be able to transcribe, you’d need a headset, computer, and software for word processing and transcription.

Formal education or experience isn’t required to find a transcription job, although a legal certificate or medical assignment may be required. You may also check out some freelance platforms to apply for transcriptionist organizations and work from anywhere in the world.

In the US, a transcriptionist earns $31,691 on average, entry-level transcriptionists earn $26,000 and an experienced one earns $50,000. However, Kiyosaki emphasized that with great typing skills as a transcriptionist, you can earn $10-$30 per hour by audio minute.

  1. Offer Virtual Assistant services

Virtual assistants are remote administrator working from home or on a contract basis for companies or individuals. Many staff worked virtually, not just assistants but also in a variety of roles following the COVID-19 pandemic.

You may consider working as a Virtual assistant as a side gig if you have a passion for assisting people. You can perform basic tasks like responding to emails, attending to calls, marketing assistance, bookkeeping tasks, etc.

You’re free to specialize in an area related to your profession or training, or you could be a general assistant. Virtual assistants are hired on some websites to work part-time, but you can utilize freelance platforms or advertise directly.

Clients or companies may require you to have administrative experience, and appropriate office equipment if your specialty is bookkeeping. To carry out tasks efficiently, you should have basic accounting skills like double-entry bookkeeping and reconciliation.

In some cases, a well-rounded virtual assistant can handle travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, data entry, and online file storage. Also, depending on the client’s needs and requirements, the duties of a virtual assistant are different.

You should also be a tech-savvy with a high-skill level and must be proficient with basic software and business programs. It is useful, but not indispensable, to have previous experience working as an administrative assistant or support staff.

To acquire the necessary skills, individuals with no previous experience may take training on a variety of administration software. However, the earnings vary based on skill level and the amount the client is willing to pay.

In the US, the average pay for virtual assistant jobs is $25 per hour. Kiyosaki mentioned in his post that you can earn $100-$1000 every month as a virtual assistant.


In 2024, having just one job is no longer an adequate means of employment and survival. Side gig seekers can find full flexibility and independence from side hustles; hence, skills can serve as a basis for unique employment opportunities.

Choosing a profitable side hustle involves assessing carefully your current skills, interests, and goals and the time you can commit to it. Flexibility in balancing this side gig with your primary responsibilities (full-time job, studies, or family commitments) must be taken into account.

By applying the right strategy and approach, a side gig enhances your income and opens the way for personal development. In this blog, there are 5 Side Gigs you can venture into from any location in the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a side gig?

A side gig is an extra job that you do in your free time asides your major job to earn extra income. Sometimes, it offers both financial benefits and personal satisfaction, often aligning with personal interests or skills.

How do I start a side gig?

To launch a side gig, you need to identify your skills or learn one, and offer products and services. The next thing to do is to make plans to reach potential consumers.

You may market your side gig by extending it to the social space or connecting with potential buyers on gig apps.

What side gigs are the most profitable?

Side gigs that could earn you cool cash may depend on your location, unique skills resources, and objectives. Freelancing in specialized areas such as web development and digital marketing are among the most effective side jobs, especially for tech-savvies.

On the other hand, the most effective side hustles may involve aligning with one’s lifestyle, interests, skills, and goals. Recall that effective time management and prioritization are important when balancing your job responsibilities with your side gig.

Are there considerations for side hustles?

Well, yes. Choose flexible passion-driven hustles and narrow down one that matches your skills and interests. Also examine the costs and profit potentials to know whichfit best.

What’s the best business structure out there?

The company you intend to form, the industry type, and supposed achievement determine the best structure for your business. Conversely, a successful business structure will help your company achieve its objectives and execute them on time.

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