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Russia May Soon Use Crypto in International Trades


A Russian Ministry of Finance member revealed that the nation is moving towards a non-restrictive policy to enable the use of BTC in international trade.

According to the local news channel, Russia’s Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia have changed their positions concerning cryptocurrencies.

They now think it’s important to legalize crypto usage in international settlements.

Reportedly, digital currencies will no longer be restricted in cross-border payments.

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As per the Russian Minister of Finance reports, the country plans to recognize cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin for cross-border payments without restrictions.

Details of the Story


Source: freepik

On Monday, April 24, the Russian Financial minister, Anton Siluanov, stated that there would no longer be any restrictions on digital currency use in international payments.

According to the Finance Minister, the country is launching another form of payment per modern technologies. That is, digital currencies and digital financial assets.

Siluanov stated that the future is geared towards using the digital Yuan, digital ruble, and other currencies.

Benefits of the Non-Restriction Payments

As per Siluanov, the non-restriction system of payment is very simple. It only involves 2 parties coming together to agree. Then they proceed to make the settlement payments.

He added that no other country could interfere or freeze the payments with this system.

You can use digital currencies to make settlement payments across the border. But then, the process is still in its initial deliberations.

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The ministry and the banks are still in the first phase of its discussions, says the Finance Minister.

On the side of the Bank of Russia they are trying to make sure that the country’s present financial system is changed.

According to the Institution, the whole system of digital assets for international trade will have to transform.

Moreover, the transformation will be in accordance with the national digital currencies.

Meanwhile, the Russian Finance Minister says that Yuan and Ruble are already superseding dollars in terms of mutual payments.

Reasons behind the Process

Russia’s Ministry of Finance believes that the country needs domestic cryptocurrency infrastructure to safeguard the citizen’s interests.

However, those trading in digital currencies in the country are still limited.

Another reason behind implementing the cryptocurrency infrastructure is to be in charge of when digital currencies are used legally and when they are not.


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