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Russia to Pass Laws to Control Crypto Exchange Activities


Russia is forsaking its initial proposal of developing a distinctive national platform.

Also, they are getting ready to enact laws that can regulate the actions and establishment of crypto exchanges.

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According to the Chief Anatoly Aksakov, crypto exchanges can aid the country to avoid sanctions by using crypto to make international payments.

As per Aksakov’s statement on May 19, these digital rubble rules are expected to receive approval in June since its first discussion got approval.

The Crypto Exchange Laws may be Coming Soon

As per an interview with Aksakov on the local news outlet, Russia is preparing to enact the crypto exchange laws very soon.

The Russian authorities are concentrating on creating a structure to control the establishment and actions of cryptocurrency exchanges.

As stated by Aksakov during his interview, the government abandoned its earlier proposal of building a unique national crypto exchange.

The Russian Ministry of Finance rejected the idea of creating a unique crypto exchange.

Ivan Chbeskov, director of the financial policy department of Russia’s Ministry of Finance was in favor of creating comprehensive laws for crypto exchanges instead.

The head of the Russian State Duma Financial Markets Committee went further to explain; that the earlier proposal of establishing a unique exchange displays a basic flaw.

As a result, it may be vulnerable to Western sanctions in the future.

He further explained that crypto exchanges will be used for international settlements including avoiding sanctions restrictions.

Also, at the same time, other firms will be able to emerge constantly.

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Portraying Crypto Exchanges to Evade Sanctions

According to Russian officials, one of the works of these exchanges may be to quicken the payment of importations.

Also, to avoid the Western economic sanctions which were passed against Russia due to the Russia and Ukraine conflict.

The Bank of Russia deputy chairman, Alexei Guznov stated that “probably, the organizations used for this purpose will be those that can aid communication between importers and exporters and in cross-border payments in digital currencies”.

Furthermore, through these organizations, Russian firms can then make settlements for parallel importations.





















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