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Scam Alert: Trader Exploited in Crypto Scam, Sustaining Losses of RM870,000


Due to the prevalent crypto scam globally, Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Basri, the Perak Chief of Police made a public statement.

His statement aimed to advise the general public not to fall victim easily to several non-existent investment scams.

He further counseled the public to only invest in the proper platforms which are registered with the Malaysian SC (Securities Commission) and the Bank Negara Malaysia.

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In addition, he told the public to look for financial advice only from agents who are registered and not to trust any investment which offers higher returns within a short period.

In A Brief

  • Last month June 24, the victim of the scam was contacted via the WhatsApp application by a lady who guaranteed the victim that she made a large profit while investing in crypto.
  • According to the victim’s statement, he was convinced by the woman’s word and he began to invest by putting funds into the crypto app which the scammer provided.
  • At first, the victim invested an overall money of RM5,000 and barely recovered the initial capital together with the profit. However, the victim was later asked by the scammer to invest big to get a larger profit.
  • According to the Kieran Chief of Police, that was when the victim was finally duped. He was induced to make additional online transactions and transfers at the bank counter which is up to the tune of RM870,000.
  • The victim was guaranteed that he will make a profit of RM1.5 million. When the victim asked the scammer to withdraw his funds and the profit, he received many different reasons. In addition, the victim was asked by the scammer to pay a processing charge of 30% of the overall withdrawal.
  • At present, the victim hasn’t received any profit from his investment. That was when his eyes cleared and he realized that he has been duped and then lodged a police complaint.

The Crypto Scene

At the time of this writing, BNB is trading at $243.68 with a decline in its market cap by 2.18% and an increase in trading volume by 67.48%.

Meanwhile, USD Coin trades at $0.9999 with a decrease in its market cap by  0.70% and an increase in volume by 31.95%.
































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