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Scam Warning: MetaMask alerts users to false airdrop reports


MetaMask has recently strike a warning on its Twitter platform about the fake airdrop rumors to happen soon.

There have been “quite a few rumors circulating around,” the Web3 wallet provider (MetaMask) tweeted on March 28 regarding a snapshot or airdrop of MetaMask on March 31.


Source: Twitter

MetaMask also warned about the implications of these false rumors to the crypto ecosystem. “They can create ways and opportunities for scammers to rely on”.

Many Twitter accounts that claim to be associated with MetaMask or an airdrop of MetaMask tokens have been discovered.

Metamask twitter

Source: Twitter

Metamask Airdrop

Source: Twitter

However, Dan Finlay, software developer at MetaMask,, claimed that the anticipation around the misleading airdrop is the result of a “bunch of individuals who don’t know what they’re talking about.” Fraudsters “will definitely be out in force around that day,” He said.

Metamask Tech

Source: Twitter

Furthermore, despite the false rumors and speculations, MetaMask currently, don’t have any token. And there’s no concrete information or plans on that for now. The community should receive this false information with caution to avoid being scammed.

Should MetaMask or its parent firm Consensys ever decide to launch $MASK, it will be a major event in the cryptocurrency world. If there is an airdrop for $MASK, the expectation for the new token will be unreal.

The Statement That Ignite The Rumors

ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin reaffirmed on March 14 during a “fireside conversation” eld at ETHDenver 2023 that his company is aiming to decentralize MetaMask.

These speculation might be related to this assertion because Lubin later revealed intentions to introduce a token.

This is not the first time Lubin is hinting about launching a token. In Nov.8 2021 was he made a tweet about creating an airdrop saying “When $MASK? Stay connected”. And these always increase MetaMusk’s activities rapidly.

Metamask Lubin

Source: Twitter

After the airdrops from the Ethereum Name Service and Lubin’s talk of a token, MetaMask had a similar rush of activity as a result of reports of an airdrop back in November 2021.

According to sources, individuals who will receive the airdrop could include early users of the MetaMask wallet. Or those who has transact using the wallet. For this to work, snapshots will be taken before the distribution will take place.

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How to Know Legit Airdrops?

Many novicein crypto has fallen victim to hackers due to ignorance or lack of information. Hacker can literally take all your money from your wallet without your authorization. That’s because you’ve connected your wallet to their sever ad this gives them full control over your wallet. The tips below will guide through entering any airdrop:

The Airdrop Stream: this involve the means of announcing the airdrop to the community. The airdrop announcement must come through the company’s official platforms. And that’s their Social media platforms and website.

The Reputation of the Coin: You can’t see coins like Bitcoin, Etheruem, Doge or YFI doing publicity for airdrop. That’s a red flag, RUN! Such coins don’t need that, they are popular already.

Solid Project: always go through their whitepaper and study the roadmaps, utilities, usecases, team, developers, & tokenomics properly. These are common factors that you can use the future of a project.

Doing your proper investigation on projects and protecting your private are two rules to prevent airdrop scams. Remember, scammers are walking around looking for who to extort from.



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