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Secrets of a Self-Made Millionaire: How to Build Wealth Through Passive Income 


Our case study is Nicolas Moore, a successful businessman who built a six-figure monthly passive income stream.

This provided the financial security he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a personal growth coach.

Remarkably, at just 27, he became a self-made millionaire working to also help others achieve their own personal and professional dreams.

So, he created Elevation Vibe, a brand and website that he refers to as a sanctuary for achieving goals and promoting a growth mindset.

Also, the unending pursuit of self-improvement is a central focus on Elevation Vibe daily.

So, Nicholas Moore is living his dream but would not have had the freedom to pursue his passion if he had to work for his wealth.

Rather, than relying on work to make wealth he labored continuously and consistently to create revenue streams. These streams of revenue will eventually flow into his bank accounts without much effort on his part.

According to Moore, his wealth was built mainly through passive income streams generated from his former e-commerce businesses.

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So, the question is how did more achieve this feat? The sections below reveal the secrets of how Nicholas Moore became a self-made millionaire.

The Money Flows in – But the Income is Hardly Passive

Moore jumped into entrepreneurship at the age of 17, starting by building websites and learning about generating traffic.

Also, he paid rapt attention to the vital points in online marketing and selling learning, and building his strategies.

However, he did not launch a money-making enterprise until two years later, when he focused on higher earning over higher learning.

According to Moore, the Journey truly started when he was 19, and decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

So, with just $2,000 in savings, he launched his first e-commerce store to sell niche products.

Also, Moore focused on marketing and customer service above all his other endeavors.  Impressively, two years later he was recording six figures in annual revenue which he channeled back into the expansion.

He reinvested the profits and expanded his ventures to include more e-commerce stores in niches like fashion, health, and home goods.

So, this expansion was successful, and in his words “my portfolio eventually scaled to over $3 million in revenue yearly”.

For his relatively young age, this was quite commendable. However, his profits were far from passive, and Moore spent a huge part of his daily routine building, scaling, and improving his business.

Automation Creates Some Free Time

So, Moore had to figure out a plan to turn his workaholic lifestyle into passive income. Why work without resting when you could achieve similar results by working smart?

To achieve his pursuit, Moore turned to technology and human helpers to turn a one-man effort into a self-driven automated money machine.

According to the businessman, the key to this passive income model was systematizing every aspect of the business in detail.

These structures ranged from product sourcing to marketing to customer service with Moore investing heavily in automating processes.

Also, he built effective teams to handle the daily operations with minimal supervision and input from him.

With this approach, he could scale rapidly while running his operations on auto-pilot. At this stage, the income became truly passive.

At the height of this process, Moore was earning over $1 million per year in net profit from his stores.

Impressively, it required less than 10 hours per week of his time which was a big improvement on the previous model.

However, some challenges arose which are to be expected on the journey to financial freedom. Maintaining constant growth and high profit margins in e-commerce or any field is extremely challenging and comes with competition.

According to Moore, he had to become a master at marketing, conversion, supply-chain management, and optimization in all aspects of the business.

Moore notes that several times he felt like quitting but the growth mindset developed early in his career kept driving him forward.

He believed that if he could surmount the early challenges, the rewards of a steady stream of passive income and the resultant financial freedom would be long-lasting.

Transitioning from Personal Wealth to Personal Growth

Nicolas Moore launched out on his journey to financial freedom before 20 and became a mega success before 30.

Thus he achieved his dream of becoming a millionaire as a young adult. According to Moore, “After eight years of operating these businesses, I decided to exit and sold the entire portfolio for around $5 million in 2023 at 27 years old.”

He stated that while wealth was incredible it dawned on him that money on its own was not his biggest motivation.

So, Moore was young and also rich yet still felt unfulfilled. So, he applied the site-building and traffic-generation strategies he acquired while building his e-commerce empire.

He applied these skills to launch an online home for the pursuit of his true passion – personal and professional coaching and mentorship.

So, Elevation Vibe is the channel that Moore uses to transmit the skills and the money mindset he built while developing his brand over the years.

Remarkably, he helps people develop a growth mindset and set audacious goals while guiding them to produce exceptional results.

These results cut across their professional and personal lives. So, online coaching is the vehicle that conveys the change that Moore desires to the world.

Five Streams of Passive Income

Building a passive income stream is demanding but quite rewarding. Here are some strategies that work and the possible opportunities and risks an investor might face.

1. Create a course

Creating an audio or video course is a possible stream of passive income that you can earn from the sale of your recorded product.

These courses can be distributed or sold on websites such as Udemy, Coursera, and SkillShare. Also, you can opt to create a freemium model to attract users and then reserve the main information for a fee.

For instance, language teachers and some financial investors use this model and it often attracts many potential customers.

Opportunity: A course can open the door to a steady and robust income stream. So, you can make money even while asleep.

Risks involved: Creating a course is no walk in the park and requires massive effort. So, to turn it into an earning opportunity the content must be rich and visible on the internet.

2. Rental Income

Investing in properties to rent is another cool way to earn passive income. However, it still requires much work and effort.

Therefore, you must take out time to turn it into a profitable venture to avoid losing your investment.

Opportunities: To earn passive income from rentals you must answer three questions.

  1. How much return do you want on the investment?
  2. What are the financial risks of owning the property?
  3. What are the total costs and expenses for the property?

Risks Involved: The big question is, is there a market for your property? Also, be prepared to deal with issues such as late payments from tenants or possible damages to your property.

Additionally, an economic meltdown could affect tenants’ ability to pay and leave them stuck with expenses. Therefore, you must carefully weigh the risks and have a backup plan in place.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate companies are searching for marketers to promote their goods and services for commissions.

Affiliate marketing involves website owners, bloggers, and influencers on social media promoting a third-party product by adding links to their pages.

For instance, Amazon runs an affiliate program and other companies such as Share as eBay and ShareASale also indulge in affiliate marketing.

So, you could consider creating an effective e-mail marketing list to send messages or direct people from your blog, page, or account to purchase the product or service.

Opportunities: When a visitor purchases the affiliate links, then passive income is generated for the site owner.

Notably, the commission might range between 3 and 7 percent and will require massive traffic to the website to generate tangible income.

Risks Involved: While affiliate marketing creates passive income once a user clicks on a link, it takes considerable effort to attract enough followers and generate traffic.

Because new products and influencers keep popping out you must continue to reinvent yourself or lose your source of income.

4. Create a blog or YouTube Channel

Are you a world traveler? Expert cook? Or a game enthusiast or sports lover perhaps? Turn your passion into a money-making venture.

Create a YouTube channel where you post regular content or a blog. With Ads and sponsors, you can generate income.

Find a popular subject in a niche you are passionate about and craft your content around it. It will take time to build a strong followership, but consistency is the key here.

Opportunity: You can take advantage of a free or low-cost platform to build quality content and earn passive income. The more unique and catchy your content is, the more likely it is to attract sponsors.

Risks Involved: It is not an easy task to build content from scratch and rank high to attract good traffic. Therefore, you must remain consistent and motivated about your product or brand. The drawback is that you can invest much effort with nothing to show for it.

Also, your area of interest might already be overcrowded by more established content creators who instantly attract followers’ attention.

5. Write an e-book

Writing an e-book could be quite lucrative thanks to software like Amazon KDP that displays these books to millions of buyers.

These e-books are relatively short ranging from 30-50 pages and quite cheap to create if you have basic writing skills.

It is advisable to focus on a specific topic that you understand well and design your book with nice covers and a catchy title.

Opportunity: An e-book can give users good information and additional value to readers. Also, you can develop audio and video courses based on your e-book content, build a website around it, and potentially host seminars.

Risks Involved: Your e-book must be top quality to attract any sort of attention and do well in the market.

The writers’ market is already competitive with best-selling authors holding a large part of the market share.

So, extra effort is needed like promotion of your work on podcasts and websites. However, even with these efforts, there is a possibility of gaining little for all your efforts.

Final Thoughts

This article started with the success story of Nicolas Moore and how we created streams of passive income through perseverance.

You too can become a millionaire even if you are above 30, if you apply the same principles. The goal is to be consistent in pursuing streams of passive income.

Also, self-belief is vital because most millionaires and successful people believe they can achieve their goals.

So, create multiple streams of income and scale them to passive sources of income, to make money on auto-pilot.

However, you must put in effort especially in the early stages to achieve lasting results.


Is it possible to be a self-made millionaire?

With hard work, persistence, and focus is it quite possible to become a millionaire. Also, the willingness to take calculated risks on investments will eventually pay off.

How can I become rich fast?

Investment is the easiest way to become rich in a short while rather than depending on a 9-5 job. Also, exploring areas such as bonds and treasury bills could pay off.

How do millionaires start?

Research has proven that most millionaires religiously practice the habit of regular saving and investing about 20% or more of their income.

How do I earn passive income?

Several channels could bring in passive income for an investor, they include blogging, creating a YouTube channel, forming an online course, and investing in real estate.

How do I get rich in one year?

First, you must define what being rich means to you. If it is financial freedom then evaluate your current financial status, set realistic goals, and create a plan. Also, invest in yourself, be disciplined, be focused, and enjoy every step of the journey.















































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