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Shiba Inu To Display The Secrets Of Rocket Pond Hub


Shiba Inu’s metaverse project, called Shib, The Metaverse, is gradually gaining popularity in the industry.

The project has made several outstanding products that create value and draw the attention of more users from the crypto space.

In a new development, the metaverse project is set to uncover the secrets of Rocket Pond Hub.

The Rocket Pond is among the 11 hubs of Shiba Inu’s metaverse project.

Display Of Rocket Pond Hub Coming Soon

The developing team of Shib: The Metaverse announced the display of secrets of the Rocket Pond Hub to be soon.

The team noted that the Alpha Preview of the hub would be uncovered within the next few days.

The Shiba Inu Official Twitter page, Shib, confirmed the announcement through a tweet on April 28.

Though the launch is coming soon, followers of the Twitter page were urged to post MV-related questions.

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The team promised to provide answers to some selected questions in its blog post.

In the statement, the team mentioned a giveaway contest it launched at the beginning of this month.

There are ten plots of land in the Metaverse as giveaway prizes for celebrating the kick-off of the project’s official Twitter handle.

So the team encouraged the Shib community to continue engaging in the contest.

To participate in the contest, community members should follow the new Twitter account and retweet the ‘giveaway’ announcement from the team.

Also, the team mentioned that the contest will end on April 30.

The team has not set any date for showcasing the secrets of Rocket Pond.

It may have to be after the end of the giveaway contest.

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The Concept of the Rocket Pond Hub

The team depicted the first concept of the Rocket Pond in black and white sketches with the feel of a concealed resort located within a mountain.

Some resort buildings extended to the mountain. Also, clear waters and some wildlife filled the environment around the mountain.

Later the SHIB team brought out another colored concept of the hub.

This latter version gave customers a feeling of the final look when the metaverse will have been launched.

According to the team, using the name ‘Rocket Pond’ is a good correlation for the hub.

It noted that ‘Rockets’ signify great energy and potential to fly higher in crypto.

Also, the team got the architectural inspiration for the hub from several resorts in the United States.

These include Adventure Park, Glenwood Caverns, Lake Tahoe, and others.

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