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Simon Dorante Day Claims He is King Charles and Queen Camilla’s Son


Simon Dorante has for a long while pushed that he is the long-lost son of Prince Charles and his queen. He states that he was birthed by the duo when King Charles was 18 and the queen was 17 at the time. Dorante says that his parentage was revealed by his grandmother who served under Queen Camilla at the time. This claim has over the years been left unattended to by the British royal family. 


British Royal Secret Son Pushes for a Paternity Test.

The claim of Simon has dragged on for years with little or nothing done by the royal family to trample his claim. He recently dug up pictures of himself and pasted them alongside those of King Charles. This has raised a lot of dust as he picks out the resemblance between him and his acclaimed parents. To push further his claims of being of British royal heritage he asks for a DNA test to be done. This new move is highly supported by his wife and can be seen on a recent Facebook post made by the duo. The media is up on this as all can’t wait to see what will be the response of King Charles and the Queen on the latest development.

An Acclaimed Illegitimate Son of King Charles and Queen Camilla Makes a Post on Facial Resemblance.

Source: Facebook

King Charles’s supposed son who lives in Australia has made bold his move to prove his paternity. He recently posted pictures of the king and queen of England to reconcile his facial appearance with theirs. Pictures of his kids are made open to the media with a comparison done with the British royal household. He further makes quite a joke on the issue at hand as he says the slimming down of the king’s face matches his own at present.

The Dorante-Day couple in a Facebook post said that they only want to identify with their roots. He made his stance on being a hard worker and therefore wasn’t in the struggle for financial gains.

He alongside his wife granted 7News an interview on the subject of his paternity. Mr. Dorante-Day claims has gathered 27,000 Facebook followers. A good number of these followers feel that he is indeed the illegitimate seed of King Charles and his queen.

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