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Solana Co-Founder Champions Fair meme Coin Floating


The co-founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, is proposing a remedy to the increasing concern of launching fraudulent meme coins on the crypto market.

The co-founder of Solana exchange, Anatoly Yakovenko, expresses his opinion on meme coins via a Twitter post.

In his view, the meme coins are like “no-loss lotteries.”

Yakovenko Suggestions

A top-notch crypto developer Anatoly Yakovenko proposed that the digital assets market can assist meme coins greatly.

He believes the digital assets market can help reduce the increasing number of fraudulent meme coins by coordinating fair launches with no fees.

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According to Yakovenko, this method will end the scam versions of the meme coins and prevent them from perpetually siphoning user liquidity.

In his Twitter posts, he proposed a way to differentiate between fraudulent and legitimate meme coins.

To answer the question about how to sort out the deceptive coins, Yakovenko suggested developing a “fair list.”

This list will use particular heuristics to locate active users and issue coins without a premise.

The high-profile developer further proposed that a class of researchers can analyze and publish the list so that every person can utilize it for coin launches.

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Potential Risks Involved

Even with the high-profile suggestions made by Solana Chief, some are still envisaging potential problems with this approach.

Moreover, other issues may arise which had to do with contributor vesting.

The suggestion is that they should avoid the approach as a part of the no-premise strategy.

In response, Yakovenko argued further that, although there is a potential lack of direct incentives for the meme coin developers, the marketplaces themselves will gain from combining these fair-launch coins.

In response, the Solana founder asked if the marketplace doesn’t make profits.

It implies that more transparent and reliable coin launch procedures can grab users’ attention to the platforms.










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