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Some AI Marketing Tools Marketers Need to Know


The innovative nature of AI across various sectors has intrigued individuals and businesses to incorporate it into their systems to help facilitate working processes.

The marketing space is joined; AI technology is revolutionizing marketing activities with the capability to promote businesses.

AI marketing tools are software developed using machine learning and AI technology to make automated decisions by analyzing collected data sets.

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The introduction of AI marketing tools ushers in a new era of improved marketing strategy, providing handy insights.

It also ensures efficient completion of many tasks in less time.

Various AI marketing tools exist in the software marketplaces with different benefits and functionalities.

Knowing the right AI tools to acquire will help to meet a marketing plan to achieve an expected result.

Some Free AI Marketing Tools

  • Jasper: this is a pretty AI tool that helps generate content across various topics, enabling users to easily make sales copy and blog posts with meta titles and descriptions.

Its developers claimed the tool has read up to 10% of the internet.

The tool can analyze provided seed words to make sentences or write an article based on the information.

Again, it can generate 1,500-word documents within a few minutes, probably 14 minutes or less.

Remarkably, Jasper can also provide users with social media ad content, like Google ads, Facebook ads, email ad copy, etc., facilitating content and ad creation processes.

  • Grammarly: this AI tool helps improve your content, making it readable to readers and ensuring effective communication based on rules of grammar and syntax.

It guides your writing, making it error-free, impactful, and clear, and it works across many apps, like Twitter, Word, Gmail, and many more.

Moreover, Grammarly goes beyond ordinary punctuation and grammar and needs to be more consistent in grammar styles and tones.

The AI tool provides real-time suggestions with highlights, pointing to a misspelt word, wrong grammar, or punctuation.

Again, it allows users to choose whether to accept or dismiss a suggested correction.

  • Seventh Sense: this is an astonishing AI tool for marketing that draws customers’ attention using behavior profiling capability.

It optimizes users’ email campaign delivery by analyzing each contact that subscribed to their email lists.

With the behavior profiling ability, we can predict the perfect time to run a campaign to ensure high email click-through rates.

Some of its impressive features include personalized service, behaviour profiling, the ability to determine the right time to send emails to each contact, etc.

  • MarketMuse: is a keyword research AI tool that lifts off the hefty burden of SEO from businesses.

It helps to plan keywords, suggest topics, run competitor research, and perform other SEO tasks quickly.

Again, it also uses machine learning to help writers create SEO-effective content.

Its ability fosters a marketing technique based on driven data sets rather than instincts.

Moreover, content based on the analyzed data could easily rank on search engines like Bing, Google, etc.

  • Phrasee: is a full AI marking tool that personalizes, analyzes, optimizes, and generates enterprise-standard AI content.

Some see it as an all-in-one marketing tool good at language generation for push, Facebook, and email marketing.

It can also make subject lines that are captivating and engaging, thereby boosting campaign performance.

Remarkably, it can generate creative and high-quality brand content that is data-driven.

These can be used for social media posts, blogs, emails, ads, product descriptions, push and SMS campaigns, etc.

Its ability to personalize and optimize content enhances engagements and conversions and increases customer maximization over time.

Phrasee makes testing and learning marketing content easy to ensure a good campaign is launched to prospective customers for better performance.

  • Ad Copy: This AI marketing tool uses an enhanced language model to generate natural ad content that is captivating and compelling to potential customers.

Its ability to generate unlimited effective ad copies that resonate with a target audience helps to improve conversion rates.

Notably, the tool is designed to analyze customer preferences, language tones, and contextual factors to generate effective and efficient converting sales copies.

Some of its features are the ability to drive conversions and run marketing direct responses, autofill ability to create and place ad copy on ads manager.

Again, it also has a step-by-step ad prompt creator to achieve the desired result for a campaign and has a tinker feature.

This feature has an ad creativity function, tonality, copy structure, etc., to ensure the creation of a perfect advertisement.

  • is an AI tool for digital marketing that simplifies social media advertisements.

The tool is offered to brands under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription service.

It automates ads via social media to ensure better ad creativity and performance to reach a target audience easily and quickly.

Again, the AI tool also makes adverts cost-effective.

The developers could provide this service by partnering with Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

The AI tool also provides users with actionable overviews of their campaigns to help them understand and respond to their audience behaviors to maximize profit.

The AI tool achieves this by analyzing customer engagements, creating persuasive content, understanding the target audience, etc.

Furthermore, it also provides users with driven data insights across social media platforms.

This helps businesses optimize and maximize their social media marketing strategies.

The AI tools also enable brands to get a glimpse of how a competitor is performing and

Again, it also helps users remain updated with the latest trends.

  • Rapidly: this is an amazing AI marketing tool that does the service of a virtual assistant for businesses.

It utilizes machine learning functionality and the ability to understand natural language and respond to customers.

Remarkably, it innovates and simplifies customer support tasks, saving the cost of employing more customer care attendants.

  • Headline: this makes written content creation easier and faster, enabling users to generate effective sales copy quickly.

This also helps marketers to save energy consumption and utilize it in other operations.

Furthermore, the AI tool can generate captivating and compelling headlines for marketing copies, boosting productivity and conversion rates.

Headline achieves this by analyzing competitors’ performance, advertisers’ audience, and recent trends to create headlines that enhance engagement.

Benefits of AI Marketing Tools

AI marketing tools are useful in promoting brands and will help businesses maximize profits from ad campaigns.

Some of the benefits include:

Customer Experience Personalization

With the help of AI marketing tools, businesses can create personalized customer experiences by engaging prospective customers in real time.

These engagement activities involve attending to customers’ queries and providing personalized recommendations.

Notably, the tools analyze customer preferences and behavior and determine what product or service to present to a customer.

With this approach, brands enhance customer satisfaction and experiences.

Efficient Optimization of Ads Campaigns

AI marketing tools help businesses improve the performance of ad campaigns by reducing costs on ads with less conversion ability.

They also monitor and adjust adverts and ensure accurate targeting and placing.

Moreover, the tools also help businesses to record substantial growth and maximization of profits.

Advanced Social Media Management

Marketers can launch auto-post schedules across various social media platforms with the help of AI tools.

These tools analyze engagement metrics and automatically make posts at the best determined time to ensure an effective engagement.

This will enable brands to remain active and consistent across all social media platforms they have accounts with.

Saves Cost and Time

With AI tools, repetitive tasks can be automated; these tasks cut across the optimization of ad campaigns, data analysis, and content making.

Again, digital marketing AI tools help users save time and distribute it to other strategic programs or new tasks.

The tools can minimize expenses by reducing or stopping manual processing of data and analysis, enhancing productivity.

Data-Driven Decisions

AI marketing tools help to ease the stress humans go through to make decisions based on collected data.

They achieve this by sorting, analyzing, and spotting recent trends and patterns in a marketing plan.

The tools can provide users with an overview of the marketing activities.

This will enable them to make rational decisions based on data-driven facts and increase customer satisfaction.

It is obtainable as driven data helps marketers tailor their marketing strategies or ad campaigns to suit the target audience’s demands.

Real-time Campaign Monitoring

AI tools have innovated digital marketing, and they help marketers monitor ad campaigns in real-time, enabling them to make necessary adjustments.

This will yield a better responsive and productive marketing strategy.

Enhanced Customer Care System

Brands now attend to customers’ queries at any time of the day through the help of AI marketing tools.

They are built with the ability to help solve customers’ problems, give them directions, and provide them with answers.

This will minimize human response time, helping marketers save energy and time to achieve other tasks.

With this prompt response-ability, brands could gain more customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

Content Generation and Optimization

Businesses can generate creative and compelling content that can boost conversion rates through the help of AI marketing tools.

These tools can create content across various platforms, fully equip marketers for all audience types, and maintain consistency with engagement.

Additionally, AI-generated content meets most SEO requirements and drives organic traffic to brands’ websites.

Split Testing and Optimization

It has become easier to conduct a split test to compare numerous versions of ads, opt-in pages, and emails.

Thanks to AI and marketing tools, marketers can ascertain the best versions to launch for an ad campaign.

They analyze the results of the experiments and provide marketers with those that have the potential to give a higher performance.

Search Engine Optimization

With the emergence of AI marketing tools, marketing content is easily created and meets search engine requirements.

The tools analyze search patterns and trends and identify relevant keywords to optimize content.


The benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in digital marketing must be balanced.

These AI tools have innovated marketing in the online space, enhancing business operations and productivity.

Brands that incorporate these marketing tools will get better results as the tools will assist them in boosting customers’ experiences and satisfaction.

Furthermore, with this cutting-edge technology, businesses can have improved customer relationship management (CRM).

This will boost brands’ success and growth.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are other AI marketing tools marketers should know?

  • Scalenut
  • Pro Rank Tracker
  • Any word
  • Semrush
  • INK


  1. Are there kinds of marketing AI tools?

Yes, there are kinds of marketing AI tools, and four are listed below:

  • Stand-alone task automation apps
  • Integrated machine learning apps
  • Integrated task automation apps
  • Stand-alone machine learning apps
  1. What are AI marketing categories?

Below is a list of some main AI marketing categories:

  • Marketing Design AI Tools
  • Marketing Audio AI Tools
  • Marketing Image AI Tools
  • Marketing AI Services
  • Marketing AI Infrastructure
  • Marketing Video AI Tools
  • Marketing AI Content Tools


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