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South Africa’s Elections: ANC Dominance Not Strong Enough to Grip Power


Since the transition from apartheid rule to democracy 30 years ago, South Africa might soon face a pivotal change.

The (African National Congress) ANC first came to power in 1994 through South Africa’s first democratic election.

It tried to make inclusivity a core pillar of its economy, however, its efforts to raise the standard of life have failed.

Therefore, the party’s dominance is expected to wane in the elections this Wednesday.

From the current polling results, the ANC might fall below 50% of the votes for the first time.

During the time of Nelson Mandela, the party had a 57.5% win in the last national elections.

However, it could likely lose its stronghold in key areas like the country’s economic hub, Gauteng.

Over 27.6 million of South Africa’s 62-million population are registered to vote in this election clearly showing signs of apathy.

The turnout of the election could be poor due to the increase in voter apathy.

The turnout of the 2019 National Assembly for ANC was 66%, which was 7% lower than the previous election.

Therefore, even with a large voter turnout, it might not get up to 50% of the votes.

South Africa Faces Blackouts, Unemployment, Corruption, and Crime

There are many issues currently mounting pressure on the nation of South Africa.

Its weak power grid has caused hundreds of hours of blackout, disrupting development and manufacturing.

South Africa’s unemployment rate of almost 33% makes it one of the highest in the world.

As a result, the country’s weak economic growth may not reach 1% this year.

Additionally, South Africa is faced with problems of a high violent crime rate.

It recorded more than 27,000 murders last year amounting to 45 murders per 100,000 people.

Security concerns might also reduce the turnout for the elections.

Currently, 70 parties and 14, 889 candidates will participate in this election.

This means there are more choices for the people to vote for a leader.

The incumbent president Ramaphosa is still recontesting for his position under the ANC.

However, he will face the likes of John Steenhuisen of the Democratic Alliance, and Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters.

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