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South Korean Retail Store Sells Bitcoin-branded Meal Boxes


South Korean retail store Emart24 now offers Bitcoin meal boxes to customers.

This effort is in collaboration with local exchange Bithumb and customers can win small quantities of Bitcoin with their purchases.

The exciting partnership will likely boost crypto adoption in the region based on the Bitcoin rewards.

According to the report, Emart24 and Bithumb revealed that there will be an estimated 30,000 meal boxes.

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These meal boxes will be made available to customers by the end of the month.

Also, each box will be sold for 5,900 Korean won ($4.30) which is quite affordable.

Emart24 Enters Exciting Partnership with Bithumb

According to reports, a representative from Bithumb exchange stated that customers could get up to 10,000 Won worth of BTC.

However, the customers must download the exchange app and input the number of the coupon found in the meal box.

Also, Bithumb is offering 20,000-won worth of Bitcoin for customers who create a Bitcoin account with the NH Nonghyup bank.

In addition, those who already have an account must connect it to Bithumb to receive additional Bitcoin rewards.

Notably, Bithumb is one of the top crypto exchanges in South Korea, and also a member of the Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA).

The Bitcoin meal box introduction is a welcome development for crypto investors since it increases awareness.

However, as crypto awareness increases in the region, the government is also increasing regulatory measures.

New South Korean Leadership to Insist on Bitcoin ETF Trading

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party in Korea has promised to support Bitcoin exchange-traded funds.


Source: X

According to reports, in June the Democratic Party will apply for permission to list Bitcoin ETFs.

Notably, South Korea’s Democratic Party won the parliamentary elections in April. One of the high points during its campaign was the approval for spot crypto-ETFs.

Remarkably, over 10% of the South Korean population (approximately 6 million people own cryptocurrency.

However, there are concerns that virtual assets are not included in the Capital Markets Act’s definition of an asset.

According to a party official if the authorities’ response for approval is not sufficient, then the Capital Markets Acts will be revisited.

Notably, Hong Kong began to trade in spot BTC and Ether exchange-traded funds on April 30. Also, since the 2020 Act South Korean regulators are now more focused on the market

Overall, the Bitcoin adoption in South Korea will likely boost the price of Bitcoin moving forward.



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