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Stephanie Skinner Turn Down Miss Teen 2023 Crown


UmaSofia Srivastava recently stepped down from being the USA Miss Teen.

Her action took many by surprise with many speculations flying the air.

The Pageantry committee decided to give the vacant Miss Teen crown to the first runner-up of the 2023 show.

This did not turn out as expected as Stephanie turned the Miss Teen 2023 crown.

Stephanie was in 2023 crowned the first runner-up of the exalted Miss Teen.

However, on May 12th, 2024 she made a post on Instagram on her career.

Also in the post, Stephanie gave her unsolicited support to the former Miss Teen.

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As the first runner-up of the September Miss Teen, she was next in line for the beauty crown.

However, Stephanie did some reflection and decided to turn down the crown title. This she said was not a decision made in haste.

Stephanie also asked that everyone should respect her decision to reject the Miss Teen USA Title.

She further stated the difficulty it took to reject the Miss Teen crown.

Stephanie Speaks on Her Plans After Rejecting the Title of Miss Teen USA 2023

On her May 12th Instagram Stephanie went on to say that her “word is everything”.

She added that in the coming days, she would focus on a “global research career opportunity in Thailand”.

This event Stephanie says will require her to relocate during the summer.

Additionally, Stephanie said she does not know the exact reason for which Sofia had stepped down but wishes her the best.

The 19-year-old Skinner further sent her love to the resigned Miss USA as well.

Moreover, Stephanie expressed her stance on female empowerment.

She believes that everyone has a right to be heard.

Skinner ended her lengthy Instagram post with the hope of inspiring young women through social media.

A lot of Skinner fans have commented on her Instagram post including Srivastava.

The former Miss Teens USA Srivastava wrote “I am so grateful to call you my friend”.

She further said that her integrity and dedication always leave her in awe.

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