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Stopping TikTok Livestream Warnings and Bans Made Easy in 2024


Did you know that over 66% of people live streaming on TikTok get warnings, restrictions, or bans?

Reasons for warnings and bans on TikTok and how to avoid them in future.

The truth is, any live streamer that blatantly breaks the TikTok live community guidelines or terms of services will be restricted or banned.

After going through the Live community and guidelines, most people believe that the guidelines are not clear enough for Livestreams.

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Lack of understanding is one of the problems live streamers face.

Sponsorships all Tiktok Live Streamers Should Have

Sponsorships are very important, and NordVPN is highly recommended.

NordVPN protects users from ads, malware, and trackers.

You can also use NordVPN to view TikTok and YouTube in different countries, which can help you generate new content ideas.

NordVPN has an explosive 66% off deal for its users.

You can find it in its description and comments, or you can visit

Most people believe using a VPN is possible to avoid bans and restrictions.

Why TikTok restricts your stream

Here are three main reasons you can get restrictions or bans on your live streams:

1.AI is detecting the words you speak

2.AI is scanning your live-stream video

  1. Mass reporting

Steps on how to avoid restrictions and warnings

  • Experiment with your stream setup

Try joining a TikTok live agency, which is free to join and has many benefits attached to it.

One of its significant benefits regarding warnings and bans is that they have direct contact with TikTok.

So, if you are falsely banned, they will contact TikTok and get you unbanned. Of course, it has to be a legitimate ban.

If your ban is illegitimate, then there’s nothing the agency can do for you because the rules apply to both agency and non-agency creators.

  • Tiktok doesn’t like the overuse of certain words related to engagement

Words like follow, gift, like sub, etc., if used constantly during a live stream, can get you restricted.

Reduce the use of these words; for instance, instead of telling your viewers to follow your top gifters, say get my top Gifters.

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