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“Strike Will Only Increase Hardship, N494,000 Minimum Wage is Unrealistic” Labor Party Cries


The Nigerian Labor Party is pleading with the union of workers to consider another opportunity for minimum wage renegotiation.

According to the Labor Party, instead of this industrial action, meeting with the government for a new minimum wage would be better.

Obiora Ifoh of the Labor Party made this plea during an interview with the Nigerian News Agency in Lagos State.

Moreover, the strike would not solve the problem but rather cause more suffering and increase the country’s hardship.

He added that it is not right for Nigerians to face more hardship because of organized labor.

The issues the citizens are facing are already much and worsening the situation is not a good idea.

Therefore to him, the N494,000 minimum wage demand is not realizable.

Furthermore, he explained that the requested amount is unsustainable as it would mean using up all of Nigeria’s money to pay civil servants.

He emphasized the need for the labor union to continue negotiating with the government till a fruitful result is obtained.

When Nigerians stay at home, many things will be affected, and that is not what Nigerians need right now.

Finally, he advised that the Labor Union accept the N60,000 minimum wage while it continues to negotiate a more acceptable wage.

The Organised Labor reduced the Initial Minimum wage proposal from N615,000 to N494,000

According to Obiora Ifoh, the government is still struggling to get it right and every citizen knows that.

Therefore, any further actions that can increase hardship for the people are not supported by the Labor Party.

Although the Federal Government had made pleas earlier asking the unions to be considerate, the organized labor neglected it.

The strike action came as a result of so many unsuccessful negotiations between the government and the unions.

Initially, the government proposed N48,000 before gradually increasing it till it stopped at N60,000.

On the other hand, Organised Labor initially proposed N615,000 as a new minimum wage.

However, the union considered the current cost of living and decided to bring it down to N494,000.

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