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Taylor Swift’s Strife with Scooter Braun to Hit the Screen as a Documentary


Scooter Braun has long been having a brawl with Taylor Swift.

The rift between Taylor and Scooter will hit the screen soonest.

Their brawl is going to be made into a two-part documentary series.

The first of the series to hit the screen is Taylor Swift Vs Scooter Braun: Bad Blood.

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This all-time documentary will take an in-depth look into pop star Taylor Swift and music producer Scooter’s dispute.

Furthermore, the documentary series will be commissioned by Warner Brothers Discovery in Ireland and the UK.

Facts on the Taylor Swift Vs Scooter Documentary

The sensational documentary Taylor Swift Vs Scooter will however be in two parts.

Its first release will examine all sides of the public squabble between Taylor and Braun.

They will however be an intricate look into the disputed $300 million between the duo.

The whole issue here is Braun buying off the rights of Swift first released six albums in 2019.

It is going to be a two-hour episode and will be premiered in June 2024.

This first documentary will feature journalists, legal advisors, and those closest to Taylor and Scooter.

The goal here is to hear from all sides rather than pass a one-sided judgment.

Disturbing issues on the rights of artists are going to be discussed as well.

This documentary series is a deliberate effort to educate the masses on the rights of the artist.

It is however also part of the series of the Warner Brothers on Discovery UK vs series.

This particular series has the popular rift of Kim vs Kanye and Johnny vs Amber Heard.

Scooter Braun vs Taylor Swift Feud Depth

The melodrama between Taylor and Scooter began back in June 2019.

It so happened that Ithaca Holdings bought over Scoot’s big machine label group with $300 million.

This particular deal was the record label of Taylor’s first debut six albums.

Moreover, Taylor Swift on that particular day of the handover called Scooter a manipulative bully.

Taylor Swift became upset when she was unable to access the rights to her six albums.

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