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Technology Giant Alibaba to Launch ChatGPT Competitor AI



Shortly, Alibaba, China’s technology giant will launch its AI chatbot Tongyi Qianwen and merge it with the company’s tech ecosystem.

Alibaba, the Chinese technology big shot has disclosed its intention to launch its own AI (Artificial Intelligence) ChatGPT-style product named Tongyi Qianwen.

China’s e-commerce giant scales the worldwide race for AI with its unique version of the chatbot assistant. The ChatGPT rollout was announced by Alibaba as a futuristic product.

Details about Tongyi Qianwen

Today April 11, Alibaba which is regarded as China’s Amazon displays its generative Artificial Intelligence model which will be combined with all the organization’s apps soon.

Tongyi Qianwen is the latest rollout chatbot assistant by Alibaba. The name in the English language means “seeking an answer by asking a thousand questions”.

This chatbot assistant will be joined by the company’s vast ecosystem of tech businesses as well as the workplace messaging application DingTalk. It will also be joined with Alibaba’s Tmall Genie, a voice assistant smart speaker.

According to Daniel Zhang, the CEO in a live-streamed ceremony, “This latest technology will bring about a big change to our production technique, our working style, and our way of life”.

He further says that AI models such as Tongyi Qianwen are the ‘big picture for making Artificial Intelligence more famous in the future’.

Meanwhile, Alibaba has plans to give clients access to Tongyi Qianwen to enable them to develop their large language model. Registration will commence on Friday.

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Tongyi Qianwen Task Scope

During its first stage, the Chatbot can interact in Mandarin and English. In addition, its task capacity will include converting discussions to written notes, drafting business proposals, and writing emails.

However, the major intrigue is whether the Chatbot can operate on higher creative tasks like its American equivalent already is.

Last year November saw the release of ChatGPT by Microsoft and it was later joined to the firm’s internet browser Bing. This generative Artificial Intelligence became popular globally because of its capacity to offer sophisticated information feedback in a relaxed chat-like manner.

Furthermore, it mimics several writing techniques by command as well as eventually assists users to produce all manner of texts ranging from movie scripts to academic research.

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Back Story

Previously, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and Chinese tech giant Baidu announced the creation of their particular versions of AI. It also launched its chatbots named ErnieBot and Bard respectively.

At present, the Chinese Cyberspace Administration will need chatbot developers to make sure that Artificial-Generated contents are “accurate” and will not “endanger security”.

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