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In a revolving world where the market price constantly increases, the need for extra cash rises as bills rise.

Are you in need of a side hustle that can pay for some of your essential bills and even save up for purchase at the end of the month?

Contrary to belief, starting a business must only sometimes involve large capital or the strain of going through license paperwork.

This article will explore how you can make money in your spare time and the comfort of your home without any hassles.

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Exciting ways of earning

  1. Selling things on places such as Craigslist

Craigslist is a website for posting and viewing local advertisements, and it is completely free to use. Listings such as jobs, apartments, used cars, personal ads, garage sales, and a lot more can be obtained from it. If you desire to make quick money, then platforms such as Craigslist will enable you to sell whatever is taking up space in your home.

With the internet, you can easily sell through platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, or marketplace Facebook.

Delivery of sales can sometimes involve payment of shipment fees, which affect your profits.

  1. Dropshipping

This business involves partnerships with product manufacturers, wholesalers, shipping companies, and specialists.

A drop shipper creates a brand website to advertise products for sale. When an order is made, it is placed to the fulfillment partner, who gets the product from the manufacturer and gets it to the final consumer.

Running a dropshipping business does not require a physical structure like a conventional retail business. Thus, it is a convenient and affordable way to start your walk towards becoming your boss.

It is quite easy to start dropshipping; all you need is to install a dropshipping app on your internet-enabled device, and you will have access to a large number of suppliers across the world. Some dropshipping apps enable you to pick out your product images, edit them, and give a personalized appearance to your business to improve clients’ patronage.

Amazon is a centralized marketplace that allows displaying various products for sale when you can secure partnerships with manufacturers. However, you will need good credit card space and great dedication to your business if you intend to make passive income and quick cash.

Some dropshipping marketing strategies include:

  • Making use of influencers to promote products.
  • Running ads on Facebook.
  • Sending direct messages to prospective clients through social media platforms.
  • Affiliate marketing

This is a unique form of online marketing in which an individual advertises the products and services of partners through a blog or e-commerce content.

As an affiliate, you must use your resources and advertising space to promote the seller’s products or services and receive a commission based on an agreed goal.

It is an excellent way of making quick cash when you have an operational blog. All you need to drive traffic is to make a blog post highlighting the best available products in an industry and attach the affiliate links to each product.

Because of the large audience coverage, you can partner with companies like Amazon, Shopify, and Uber.

This business model enables you to earn an income by promoting brands. When you are signed up on any affiliate marketing program, you earn from sales commissions, retail profits, apps, software, and more.

Though the earnings from a brand might be quite small, your persistence and dedication to gaining more brands will increase your earnings.

Creating and building a blog with quality content will create an asset that is entirely yours. Some popular affiliate network programs are:

  1. Online surveys

Online surveys are a good way to earn in a few hours or minutes. Sites such as Survey junkie and Swag Bunks allow people to register on their programs and take surveys in exchange for gift cards or cash prizes.

Though the earnings are small, it is a tool for making immediate cash purchases.

It is a convenient way of earning in your spare time watching a television show. It is cost-efficient and requires just a smartphone or computer.

Most online survey sites use gift cards or cash-back bonuses in their payments.

  1. Side gigs on freelance sites

Websites such as Fiverr and Upwork provide freelance jobs to persons with programming, writing, or graphic design skills. These jobs can enable you to earn money quickly, which can translate to a career path with dedication.

All it requires to get started on this path is an account on these sites and a bid on jobs from prospective clients. When chosen by a client, you must complete the work according to the client’s specifications to get payment. You can build a reputation and consistently get jobs when you deliver a good job.

For most successful freelancers, earning a decent income while enjoying flexible working schedules is the motivation behind their careers.

  1. Social media management

Social media management entails creating content to generate and grow an audience on many platforms.

If you are skilled in social media management, managing the social media accounts of individuals and businesses will be a great way of earning additional money. This involves creating posts, responding to comments, and growing their online presence. Some social management tools are Buffer, Later, CoShedule, Tailwind, and Crowdfire.

  1. Providing online course

You can offer online tutorial services in areas where you have a good amount of knowledge. Parents worldwide are willing to pay for one-on-one tutorial sessions, especially during examinations.

Making a good amount of money while at home with the right skills and resources is possible.

Courses offered can be sold through platforms such as Udemy or your self-generated website if you already have a large, loyal audience.

You could also build an email list with which you market future courses without the additional paid expense of advertising.

Examples of tutorial sites are:

  1. Freelance business consultants

Freelance consultants provide advisory services to executives for the improvement of business operations. They can also help provide marketing strategies to an organization’s marketing team.

How to become a freelance consultant?

  • Choose your area of specialization.

Choosing your specialization will help streamline the process of commencing your career. Some areas you can choose from are:

  • Public relations
  • Wellness
  • Career Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Fitness
  • Social media
  • Sustainability
  • Information technology
  • Set your rate

This involves setting your charge rate for each consulting service you provide your clients, which could be hourly or by contract basics. Most consultants charge hourly because the effort is measured based on the number of completed tasks like scheduling meetings with clients and conducting research.

To set your rate, consideration should be given to your level of expertise and years of experience.

  • Build network

To work in various industries, you must have good networking skills. You can build a great network by attending professional development gatherings and joining online forums comprising professionals in your field of operation. This will help you gain new techniques and get new clients as a freelancer.

  • Create a good presence online.

Establish a formidable online presence to promote your image and brand as a freelance consultant.

  1. Create a YouTube channel.

The YouTube platform is fast becoming a source of income for many businesses and individuals. This can also be your gold mine if efficiently and effectively utilized. The key to high YouTube earnings is creating content people can be drawn to and subscribe to. Using captivating keywords as the headline or keyword description is a great way of drawing viewers to your videos.

Content creators on YouTube become eligible to earn advertising revenue from ads on content when they hit the 1,000 mark of subscribers.

  1. Publish an eBook

With platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct publishing, you won’t have an issue taking your written words to a global audience. All required is writing, formatting, creating the eBook cover, publishing, and promoting it. Using every promotional tool such as word of mouth to friends and acquaintances, social media platforms, website, giving out the first few copies of your book on your page, and paid promotions will help sell your eBook. Though it is not a get-quick-rich method, with patience and consistency, you are sure to make a good income.


Making money online can be an interesting journey with the right knowledge and skills. Most online money-making ventures require a computer or an internet-enabled device to kick start.

When choosing a money-making idea, you must consider your passion, financial situation, and skills.

With the much available information, dedication, and persistence, you can be sure of success in any online money-making venture you decide to engage in.


  1. How do I make money online quickly?

Some ways include online surveys, apps, software testing, and selling secondhand products.

  1. How do I make money with no investment?

You can make money with little or no investment when you have a mobile device or computer with an internet connection.

  1. How do I make money from home?

You can involve yourself in various remote jobs such as dropshipping, online tutorials,

e-commerce stores, and much more.









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