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Tether CEO Warns Users of New Trend in Crypto Airdrop Sc@m Emails, CoinGecko Likely Affected


Tether’s CEO, Paolo Ardoino, has warned users to be extremely careful of airdrop sc@m emails.

Also, a top email list management was compromised through a data breach.

This provider has popular crypto firms as clients on its list.

Also, Ardoino on X warned his followers on June 5 to exercise caution.

Meanwhile, two independent confirmations have proved that a top email list vendor might be compromised.

Tether’s CEO Calls for Caution Amid Data Breach

Although Ardoino did not reveal the company’s name that suffered the breach, he promised to provide more details.

At the end of the investigation, the entire story will unravel.

Nevertheless, he urged his followers to beware of emails suggesting crypto airdrops.

To prevent such h@cks, a user should verify the authenticity of an email before complying.

Paolo Ardoino on Airdrop sc@m

Also, enabling two-factor authentication on crypto platforms is another security measure that helps safeguard assets.

Meanwhile, crypto analytics site CoinGecko confirmed the attack.

Notably, CoinGecko’s co-founder and COO, Bobby Ong, commented on this breach.

According to Ong, CoinGecko might be among the affected users on the list, but it’s currently investigating the breach.

Also, he stated that other clients’ accounts are sending phishing CoinGecko emails to deceive users.

Additionally, Ong says there are no plans for a CoinGecko token.

Therefore, users should be cautious of phishing emails.

Further, he warned users not to click on links related to a fr@udulent CoinGecko token and to avoid emails advertising token launches.

Crypto Sc@ms and H@cks Still a Major Concern In The Crypto Industry

Notably, crypto airdrop sc@m and h@cks have persisted since the introduction of cryptocurrencies.

Sadly, the fraudsters continue to invent more advanced methods to steal from unsuspecting investors.

Meanwhile, PeckShield, an on-chain security platform, reported over $574 million worth of digital assets stolen in 30 separate crypto h@cks in May 2024.

This $574 million represents an estimated 666% month-over-month increase from the $385 million losses recorded in April.

So, users should be careful with sensitive data and avoid clicking unverified email links.

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