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The Best Crypto Wallets for 2023


Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the world’s go-to for financial dealings for its many benefits.

Many people have embraced it regardless of its downside, which is little to get considered.  So, as a crypto trader, enthusiast, investor, or someone who wants to get into the industry, there are a few things you need to know.

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This knowledge is necessary to recover in the field, or you will stay backward when everyone else has evolved.

One of the most important things you need to know about crypto is fundamental information about crypto wallets.  This article will give you some of the best crypto wallets in 2023.  Read on if you want to learn more.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is a digital safe that holds your cryptocurrency.  It also has private keys to help you keep your currency safe.  With the help of a crypto wallet, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies in bulk or fewer quantities.  Some crypto wallets allow you to find buyers for your currency within the platform and sell it out, while others don’t.

Even better, some crypto wallets now allow you to save your NFTs while it is connected to the NFTs platform.  Other developers are still working on this feature for their software.

You cannot do anything in the crypto world with a wallet.

They come in different forms.  Some come in applications; you only need to download, register, and start using them.  This type of wallet allows you to access your current anywhere and with any internet-connecting device.  As long as you have internet and you remember your pin or seed phrase.

Some crypto wallets don’t have apps, so you can only access them through the browser.  Most times, the best way to navigate through wallets like these is to download their extensions on your PC browser.  The downside is that you can only access your wallet with PCs.

The other type of crypto wallet is called a cold wallet, which comes in hardware.  You can carry it and plug it into a computer to make transactions.  It is good because you can lock it in a safe, and no one will ever know it exists, but if it gets missing, all your crypto assets are gone.  Forgetting your seed phrase is one of many threats to your wallet here; losing it is an even more significant threat.

The Best Crypto Wallets for 2023

The crypto world is full of surprises.  What is on the high today can go low tomorrow or even higher and vice versa.  So, the best crypto wallets for 2022 might be in different positions in 2023.  Here are the best crypto wallets for 2023 in no particular order.

1.     Binance

Binance is one of the most popular crypto dealers in the world.  It has an app; you can also use it online with your web browser.  Reports have shown that in terms of the daily trading volume of currencies, it holds the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.  Aside from the crypto exchange feature on the platform, it has a crypto wallet for almost every currency in nearly every blockchain.  It gives its user room for P2P transactions and sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

Also, users can sell and buy cryptocurrencies on the platform other users.  A feature in the forum lets you post the name and amount of crypt currency you want to buy.  You can also post the rate you want to buy it at, and people who want to make a deal will contact you.  Some people don’t honor exchanges, so, Binance found a way to deal with dishonesty when you are trading on the application.

If someone sends money for a cryptocurrency and you don’t send them the currency, Binance will ban you from making further deals on the platform.  Even the currency you are huddling will only be valuable once you honor your part of the deal.  The company also gives daily crypto news and helps you trade your cryptocurrency.

It was established in 2017 and has since soared in the wallet market.  Changpeng Zhao created the platform after creating many other trading platforms.  It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

2.     MetaMask

MetaMask is another best crypto wallet for 2023.  It is famous for its easy transaction mechanisms, its straightforward interface, and how fast it is.  Many ad sites trust this platform, believing it is one of the best wallets in the world.  There are no coin limits for what it holds.

The software interacts with only the Ethereum blockchain better.  As a MetaMask user, you can access your coin on the platform’s website with your browser, through an extension, or download the app.  It works for Windows, iOS, and Android devices seamlessly.

Over 30 million people use MetaMask for Ethereum blockchain transactions, even for NFTs.  It is a non-custodial wallet that allows real-time transactions and interactions with decentralized Apps from the Ethereum blockchain network from your phone in your browser.

3.     Coinbase

Coinbase is another best cryptocurrency wallet for anyone to use in 2023.  It is fast, accurate, and reliable.  Its transaction charge rate is low, so the over 10 million users on the platform stick to it.  Coinbase is a publicly traded American company that has existed for a few years.

The company is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.  You can send, receive, and trade cryptocurrency with the platform.  It is the number one crypto exchange company in the United States, and its largeness is based on trading volume.  There is a app, and it serves as a custodial wallet for users.

However, the Coinbase app itself is not a custodial wallet.  Also, it is a multi-asset crypto wallet with which users can save many crypto assets.  Also, it gives smooth access to many dApps, or decentralized applications, worldwide.  It charges network fees alone.  NFT holders can manage their NFT collections on the platform.

You need to know that Coinbase Wallet is an app that stands alone and differs from the Coinbase exchange platform.  However, they are under the same company.  The wallet’s interface is friendly, making it easy to use, even for beginners.

4.     Trust wallet

The Trust wallet is a platform under the Binance exchange.  It is Binance’s official mobile.  It still has millions of users worldwide.  It is one of the best and easiest wallets to navigate.  Despite the wallet’s limitations, the Trust wallet has many benefits.

It is a hot wallet with diversified portfolios.  With the Trust wallet, you can save your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 70 other networks in any quantity.  It also supports over 40 blockchains and over 150,000 tokens.  This wallet keeps NFTs and has a built-in decentralized app and DEX browser.

Also, it supports staking options, and all the functions are easy to use.  You need your seed phrase to log your wallet into another device.  If you lose it, you lose your crypto asset.


Another popular and best crypto wallet for you in 2023 is, formally known as is a company that offers cryptocurrency financial services.  The platform’s Bitcoin wallet is one of the best and easiest to operate globally.  It helps you create a Bitcoin wallet quickly and directs you on how to make transactions easily.

The company was launched in 2011 and was the first explorer of the Bitcoin blockchain.  Afterward, they created a crypto wallet with a platform for seamless Bitcoin transactions.  Between 2012 and 2020, out of 100% of Bitcoin transactions worldwide and on different wallets, the wallet accounted for 28%.

This rate is more likely to increase in the next coming years because the company has gained even more trust than it had.  There are over 50 million people registered on the platform currently.

6.     Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency hardware wallet

The Ledger Nano S is a cold wallet, and it is one of the best wallets to have currently.  This wallet can hold any amount of crypto current, and it is not expensive to purchase.  Cold wallets don’t need the internet for them to work.  This is a good advantage for people who stay in places where their internet fluctuates or where they don’t have any network.  It is suitable for deep travelers, too.

The Ledger Nano S wallet is small, and it can easily fit into your pocket or the small safe spot you want to put it.  It has strong security that protects your crypto assets from being stolen.  Also, it is not very easy to get hacked.  More so, the wallet supports almost all the available blockchains and tokens.

Operating it is not as hard as many people think.  Plug it into a computer’s USB port and put in your pin; your crypto assets will display on your screen.  Here, you can do whatever you want with it.

7.     eToro

eToro is a hot crypto wallet, and it is a social trading and multi-asset investment company.  It is one of the best companies that specialize in digital financial services in the world.  Some crypto holders named it the overall best crypto wallet, and it is operating up to the name.  It works in two capacities for its users.  Users of the wallet can store their crypto apps on the platform and also trade them to make more.

With the eToro wallet, you can synchronize all your devices and manage your crypto assets easily.  It will let you log in to every device you have, including Android and iOS devices.  The wallet supports a large range of tokens and blockchains.  Also, it can connect to the exchange and offer users a wide range of amazing features like staking, copy-trading, and a few others.

8.     OK

OKX is one of the best crypto wallets you can use.  It has gained the trust of its users with its reliable and easy transaction methods.  The interface of the software is friendly, which makes the app easy to operate.  OKX, for a few years now, has been one of the leaders in the decentralized crypto wallet app market.  It supports iOS and Android devices, and you can access it through your web browser or an extension.

It has non-custodial storage for cryptocurrencies.  The type of ecosystem it operates with is an all-in-one ecosystem, and it supports about 15 blockchains, including Tron, fantom, Ethereum, and Polygon.

9.     Coinomi

Coinomi is a multi-chain wallet, which means it has an address on multiple blockchains.  With this feature, users can send and operate on many blockchains without having to get different applications for each of them.  You can send and receive cryptocurrencies on the platform even if it doesn’t let you trade them, and it works better to hold small crypto balances.

Coinomi doesn’t have the best crypto wallet security system.  With it, your digital assets are safe and free from hackers, but you need to be more vigilant to keep it that way.  It got established in 2014 with the network to support about 125 blockchains and over one million tokens and NFTs.  In just a few years of existence, it already has over 5 million users in the world.

10. MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet (MEW) is another best hot crypto wallet that is easy to use and compatible with many devices.  It is popular for Ethereum supporting capacity.  Just like MetaMask, the MEW got created only for the Ethereum network, and it can hold thousands of Ethereum.  It hardly has a transaction limit and makes sure users have a good experience navigating through the platform.

MEW has a browser extension for Chrome.  Also, you can download and use it from App Store for your iOS devices and from Google Play for your Android devices.  It is the choice of millions of users, and it is reliable.

11. Guarda Crypto Bitcoin Wallet

Guarda Crypto Bitcoin Wallet is a popular crypto wallet worldwide.  Regardless of the Bitcoin in the name, Guarda wallet also allows transactions that involve the Ethereum blockchain.  Many people trust this wallet because it has a top-notch security system that keeps your crypto assets from hackers and thieves.  ‘

With the platform, you can store, buy, swap, send, and receive crypto tokens.  You can also earn a wide range of crypto assets when you use the platform.  It is a multi-asset and a multi-platform wallet.  It lets you own various crypto assets, and it can be the modern solution for managing these crypto assets.

It is a desktop-based application wallet that has features like a web interface and desktop software.  Also, it supports an extension of Chrome.  You can use your Visa card to deposit in your wallet or explore the over 40,000 crypto assets.

12. | DeFi Wallet

The | DeFi Wallet is a multi-purpose crypto wallet.  But its major focus is to provide access to the world’s decentralized finance to its users.  It is leading in the world of crypto exchange, and it stores mostly decentralized finance crypto assets.  With this platform, you can browse thousands of dApps and download its DeFi wallet for free.

Also, you can maximize your crypto holdings with a protocol like lending/yield farming.  The wallet is not custodial, and you can download and use it on your smartphone.  You can also download it as an extension in Chrome.  The wallet supports about 20 blockchains and over 700 tokens.

13. Exodus Wallet

If you are a beginner in the crypto world, Exodus is the best wallet for you because it is one of the easiest to operate.  It is also perfect for experts in the field because of its many features.  It is a multi-chain and multi-asset wallet with a user-friendly interface and a top-notch security system.  The wallet supports the cross-platform feature, and this feature is not widely supported by many wallets in the world.

The quick chat customer service system is great for users who don’t know their way around the platform or are having transaction difficulties.  Regardless of the top security level of this platform, the steps to set it up are very easy and short.  It supports about 291 cryptocurrencies and continues to give you updates on the crypto world.

There are other features like staking and crypto swapping on the platform.  You can send and receive crypto assets and also store them in the app.  The wallet is compatible with Trezor, a cold crypto wallet that is not the most portable to move around with.  You can use the app on both iOS and Android devices seamlessly, and it has a simplified payment verification feature.

14. Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is another crypto many people consider to be one of the best.  It is a decentralized wallet for mostly desktop devices, and users can connect directly to the Bitcoin blockchain.  As the name implies, it only stores and allows Bitcoin transactions.  You can send and receive Bitcoin on the platform.

The platform is complex to use, so people who are new to the crypto work can’t use it freely.  With Bitcoin Core, users can determine blockchains that have valid transactions.  It was released under the MIT license, and it is a free software that was created by a community drive.

15. Electrum wallet

Electrum is a crypto wallet that has notable speed, and its transaction charges are lower than most other wallets.  The reason for the speed is that it uses servers that index the Bitcoin blockchain.  Also, people love the wallet because its desktop app has a user-friendly interface.

The wallet is safe with encrypted private keys that never leave the user’s computer.  This feature makes recovering your crypto assets to be easy even if you lose your recovery phase. One of the features of the platform is that it allows you to access your Bitcoin on other platforms with your private keys.  Your wallet cannot be down because of the decentralized and redundant servers of the platform.

You can use third-party plugins like hardware wallets, multisig services, and a few others for Electrum.  It lets you keep your private keys offline, and you go online with a watch-only wallet.

16. Mycelium

Mycelium is named the best crypto wallet for how mobile it is.  It is a good platform with which you can manage your Bitcoin easily.  Aside from Bitcoin, the wallet also supports the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 tokens.  It has a cold wallet storage integration as one of its features, and it is a non-custodial wallet.

Other features of the platform include single-address savings accounts and spending accounts.  There is an option that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies in the app, and the platform gives users privacy.  The software can only be used on smartphones, as it doesn’t support desktop devices.


Having a crypto wallet is one most important thing if you must be a crypto asset holder.  The wallet is mainly to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies.  Some of them also hold NFTs and have decentralized financial services.

There are many crypto wallets available today, but only a few of them can be called the best.  The result is mostly from the features of the apps, how easy they are to operate, their speed, and how much people trust them.  Some of them are Binance, MetaMask, eToro, Coinbase, and a few others.


How do I create a crypto wallet?

Select the crypto wallet app, download it, and click on Create account.  Then, follow the prompt on your device to create the wallet.

Can you create a crypto wallet for free?

Some devices charge money to download some crypto wallet apps.  However, you don’t need money to create the wallet when you download the software.

What app can I use to create a Bitcoin wallet?

There are a few apps you can use to create a Bitcoin wallet.  Trust Wallet, Electrum Wallet, Bitcoin Core, and a few others are perfect for the creation of a Bitcoin wallet.


Trust wallet

Mycelium wallet











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