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The G20 Has Conferred Membership on The AU, Granting It Equal Standing With The EU


The G20, a prominent coalition of nations representing a significant portion of the world’s economy, has reportedly reached a historic decision to grant permanent membership to the African Union (AU).

This groundbreaking development, which will elevate the AU’s standing, places it on par with the European Union (EU) within the G20 framework, signifying a substantial advancement in Africa’s global presence.

While this decision has garnered substantial support from key G20 members, the AU’s permanent membership formalization is expected to occur next year during Brazil’s group’s presidency.

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Bloomberg News, a reliable source, first reported that the G20 had agreed to confer permanent membership upon the African Union.

Currently recognized as an “invited international organization” within the G20, the AU, which comprises 55 member states, will ascend to a status similar to that of the EU, underscoring its growing influence on the global stage.

Insight from Indian Sources:

As per information from two undisclosed Indian sources reported by Reuters, the formal inclusion of the African Union (AU) as a member of the G20 is anticipated to take place next year during Brazil’s leadership of this prestigious assembly.

These sources underscored unanimous support within the G20 for this decision, and no opposition has been observed.

Advocacy by the Indian Prime Minister:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi played a pivotal role in championing the full and permanent membership of the African Union within the G20.

In an article published in Indian and international newspapers, Modi articulated his vision: “During our presidency, we have not only witnessed the largest-ever participation from African nations but have also actively advocated for the African Union’s inclusion as a permanent member of the G20.”

Current Composition of the G20:

At present, the G20 consists of 19 countries in addition to the European Union. Collectively, these member states represent approximately 85% of the global GDP, over 75% of global trade, and approximately two-thirds of the world’s population.

African and Global Support:

South Africa, an existing member of the G20 and a proponent of the African Union’s (AU) inclusion, has chosen to withhold immediate comments ahead of the Delhi summit.

However, a South African foreign ministry spokesperson expressed a positive sentiment regarding the news report on the G20’s decision. They cited the European Union’s membership as a precedent and acknowledged South Africa’s endorsement of this development.

Furthermore, countries including Germany, Brazil, South Africa, and Canada have also voiced their support for the African Union’s inclusion in the G20.

The Global Significance of the African Union:

The African Union, comprising 55 member states encompassing the entire African continent, represents roughly 18% of the world’s population and covers approximately 20% of the global land area.

The United Nations maintains an active presence with 54 member states.

Moreover, Africa possesses abundant resources for addressing global energy challenges and is a major supplier of essential raw materials worldwide.

The continent boasts 25% of global natural biodiversity, 30% of global mineral resources, and 45% of the world’s renewable energy potential.

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