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The US Department of Justice To Drop Finance Lawsuit Against Sam Bankman-Fried


Following the consultation of the Bahamas by the DOJ regarding the campaign finance charges in Bankman-Fried’s extradition document last year, the department has decided to drop the suit.

Previously, the Department of Justice indicted Sam Bankman-Fried late last year on eight count charges.

Later, prosecutors included additional five count charges. Still, Bankman-Fried defense counsel argued that the Bahamas, which initially arrested the FTX founder, would have to approve those charges in compliance with the United States extradition treaty with the Bahamas.

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Quick Takes

  • According to a court filing yesterday, Wednesday, July 26, the Department of Justice informed Jude Lewis that they intend to drop the “unlawful campaign contributions” charges against Bankman-Fried.
  • This notice came following the court hearing of Bankman-Fried’s supposed effort to shame Caroline Ellison, ex-Alameda Research executive, by spreading private information with the NYT (New York Times).
  • The court filing late yesterday also revealed that the Bahamas didn’t include the 8-count charge from the main indictment, a campaign financing violation in its extradition treaty.
  • Earlier today, the authorities received the information through the court filing that the Bahamas has notified the US today that it has no intention to extradite Bankman-Fried regarding the campaign contribution count.
  • According to the filing, in “compliance with the treaty obligations to the Bahamas, the authorities have no intention to go ahead with the trial regarding the campaign contributions count.
  • Wednesday’s court hearing was opened by Assistant Attorney Danielle Sassoon, who announced that the Department of Justice intends to keep Bankman-Fried in custody.
  • However, Judge Kaplan refused to rule on the motion. Rather, he set up a schedule for the parties to file written submissions.
  • Meanwhile, the judge placed a temporary gag order that prevented the defendant Bankman-Fried from public communications. Furthermore, he scheduled the next trial for the Bankman-Fried case on October 2.

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