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TikTok Welcomes Back Universal Music Artists After a Fall Out


Big wigs in the entertainment industry like Drake, Billie Eilish, and Adele pulled out their songs from TikTok.

The Universal artists accused TikTok of not having their best interest and thus pulled out their songs.

The difference has been sorted out so expect to see Universal artist songs on TikTok soonest.

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Royalties Dispute with TikTok Platform Drives Away Universal Label Artist

Universal Music label in January 2024 brought forward an allegation of TikTok cheating its artists.

The record label claimed that the royalties paid to its artist were a fraction of what other social media platforms remit.

This pushed the world-renowned music label to redraw its catalog from TikTok.

TikTok debunks the accusation laid against it. It claims that the record label is putting its interest before that of the artists.

Taylor Swift Features Her Latest Release “The Tortured Poets Department” on TikTok

One of Universal Label’s best artists (Taylor Swift) has her recent album promoted on TikTok.

This move is happening way ahead of the featuring of other artists of the record label.

A 2018 deal signed by Taylor Swift gives her copyright ownership of her songs.

The result is the free will to feature her songs wherever she chooses without bowing down to Universal directive.

TikTok Resolves Standing Dispute with Universal Label

All sides claim to have resolved their differences with a new licensing agreement.

This is said to be of great benefit to Universal label artists.

TikTok in a recent statement said it will remain committed to building strong lasting solutions for artists online.

This the platform believes will go a long way in protecting artists and their fans online.

The upside of this recent development is that other areas like the effect of AI videos have been reviewed.

All hands are on deck to ensure that human artist gets their paid dues. AI-unauthorized music will be taken down from TikTok.

The platform has given its word to creating tools that will ease artist’s reward system.

Universal Dispute Creates a Whole New TikTok

CEO Sir. Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Label said in an address that the new resolve will promote the art of human music and value.

Boss Lucian’s statement was supported by CEO Shou Chew of TikTok who said that music is an important aspect of the TikTok ecosystem.

He also spoke of his delight at the resolved difference with Universal Music Studio.


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