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Tokyo Scientist Composed a Song in Response to Climate Change


Climate has over the years been changing and this is now a cause of concern to scientists.

The consequence of climate change is rather severe in recent years.

One major question in the minds of scientists is if people are aware of the danger ahead of the human race.

Scientists are doing a lot concerning creating public awareness of climate change.

Some of the efforts made by scientists are giving warnings on the dire consequences of bush burning and melting glaciers.

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This has rather become an old song that has lost its touch with the masses on climate change.

How best can information be passed in this age and time aside from music?

Just take a moment to imagine yourself sitting on a large podium listening to music strings telling the story of thirty years of climate change.

Amazing right? This was the exact idea that popped up to Hiroto Nagai.

The geo-environmental young scientist has successfully composed a song on climate change.

Hiroto Nagai tells the story so well on climate change using instruments like the violin, cellos, and viola.

The string instruments all become interwoven to create an intense musical environment.

Hirato Nagai Seeks to Use Music to Communicate Climate Change.

The young Tokyo scientist aims to use the tool of music to communicate climate change.

Moreover, this singular act of Hiroto Nagai shows the energy flow between the Antarctic and Arctic climatic poles.

His inspiring song on climate change is titled “String Quartet No. Polar Energy Budget”. Hiroto new musical piece displays the power of music in changing things.

Several efforts have been made in the past like using Sonifying climate data to relay climate changes to the world.

Daniel Crawford’s “Planetary Bands, Warming World” is an example of someone who has once used Sonifying climate data.

The result was rather not too good which has brought in the need for music.

Crawford’s piece tells us about the rise of global temperature over 135 years. However, Hiroto’s piece uses the power of satellite data to tell the climate change of the past thirty years.

Hiroto wishes that his composition would not only tell a tale but also get many to understand climate change.

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