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Transfer News Reveals Conor Gallagher As Aston Villa’s Potential Target to Boost Squad Depth


In the wake of potential transfer moves and rumors, Aston Villa FC has made theirs in Chelsea midfielder, Conor Gallagher.

The fourth-placed team, after the conclusion of the 2023/2024 EPL season is looking to strengthen their midfield options.

This is in preparation for their Champions League campaign next season; a dream that came true against all odds.

Conor Gallagher’s Potential and Impact As a Player


The 2023/2024 season for London side, Chelsea FC has been more or less a bumpy ride.

There were setbacks, multiple losses, and of course the final blow came with their displacement from Europa League qualification.

This was due to Manchester United’s win over Manchester City in the FA Cup final.

The win ridiculed how hard the Blues had fought to get to the position, and overruled their performance to an average.

Notably, Conor Gallagher has been an important player on the team being on his best form of any season so far.

His work rate had gained former head coach, Pochettino’s trust, earning him the captain’s armband majority of the season.

With Pochettino gone now, and possible options to be brought into the midfield area, Gallagher may have to fight to stay.

If not, a move to the Aston Villa side is likely, especially with the side showing good interest.

Unai Emery’s Take on Conor Gallagher

Still one of England’s top-performing midfielders, Gallagher is ambitious and has the potential to play on big stages.

The Champions League is one of those stages, and the Villians believe his experience is required.

Leading this thought is Unai Emery, head coach of the Villa side.

He is said to feel strongly about the blend Gallagher would bring to his team.

Aston Villa finished seventh last season and this concluded season, they went up three spots.

This shows growth in the squad’s depth, begging speculations on what happens when they improve on the current form.

Chelsea are unlikely to have a say if eventually Aston Vila comes directly to bid.

The club is bound by Profit and Sustainability Rules to comply, and they need to balance their books too.

On Villa’s end, more market surveys would be done, and hopefully, before the end of the transfer window.

Notably, the team are focused on filling four key roles in their team for a chance to go far in the Champions League.

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