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Trump Booed by Angry Crowd at Libertarian Convention


Presidential candidate Donald Trump was booed by the audience that gathered at the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday night.

This was not the usual adulation he receives from his dedicated supporters at such rallies.

The libertarians who uphold individual freedom and a limited government, blame Trump for his actions during COVID-19 vaccine creation.

They expected him to use his presidential power to stop public health restrictions on unvaccinated people during the pandemic.

On climbing the stage in Washington, he received loud boos and jeers. However, another section of the crowd who were his supporters cheered him on.

Also, not long before he appeared on stage, a Libertarian party member shouted “Donald Trump should have taken a bullet!”

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However, Trump’s campaign avoided responding to requests for comments about the unfriendly reception.

In 2020, Libertarians got only 1.2% of the national vote in the elections which represents about 1.8 million votes.

However, Trump hopes to get some votes from the Libertarians as just tens of thousands of votes could decide November’s elections.

Donald Trump is not Qualified to be the Libertarian Nominee: Party Leader

Party Chair Angela McArdle ruled that Donald was not qualified to represent the party as the presidential nominee.

He ruled this decision on Sunday because Trump failed to submit nominating papers.

Donald explained his reason for not filing paperwork for the Libertarian Nomination which he would have gotten if he wanted.

He revealed that as a Republican Nominee, he is not allowed to receive the Nomination of another party.

The Libertarian Party chose Chase Oliver, a candidate in the Georgia senate election in 2022 as its presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, Donald was trying to gain support from the Libertarians because, as a Republican, they have more things in common based on policies.

They also had more things in common than with Democrats when it came to taxes and the size of government.

Eventually, Donald got a huge applause for making one promise. He won their hearts by hinging on their rallying cry for the case of Ross Ulbricht.

Ross Ulbricht is currently serving a life sentence for creating and running the website Silk Road.

The website allowed users to deal with drugs and other illegal products secretly.

Donald Trump promised to lessen Ulbricht’s sentence if he got re-elected back into the White House.

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