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U.S. White House to Support New Nuclear Power Plants


The U.S. White House has made plans to announce new measures that permit new nuclear power plants to be developed.

This power plant would serve as a large potential source of carbon-free electricity able to solve climate change issues.

Some actions were taken by the government to ensure that the nuclear power industry can thrive.

These actions were aimed at helping the nuclear industry survive against the cheaper power plants using Natural gas, wind, and solar.

According to nuclear proponents, the technology is critical if large uninterrupted emission-free power is to be supplied.

It is needed to cater to the increasing electricity demands from data centers and electric vehicles.

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Moreover, it is the best approach to achieving President Joe Biden’s goal of having a carbon-free U.S. economy by 2050.

Biden’s national climate adviser, Ali Zaidi advised that many tools for this decarbonization be taken off the sidelines and brought onto the field.

Critics fear that radioactive waste buildups stored at plants in the country are potential risks to human health and nature.

They complained that if an accident or a malfunction occurs, human lives and nature could be devastated.

However, Biden is concerned as he signed a law that prohibited the use of enriched Uranium from Russia earlier this year.

The Biden administration met at the White House on Wednesday because of nuclear energy deployment.

This meeting will lead to the announcement of a new group that will work towards mitigating costs in the plant construction.

U.S White House to work with Energy Policy Experts on Nuclear Energy Deployment

The U.S. White House will provide energy policy experts who will work with project developers, engineering, procurement, and construction firms.

Ultimately, they will also collaborate with investors, utilities, labor organizations, non-governmental organizations, and academics to achieve this aim.

According to information from the White House, the Army needs advanced reactors to provide energy for some facilities in the Country.

Additionally, small modular reactors and micro-reactors are capable of providing more resilient energy to physical and cyber attacks.

The newest U.S. nuclear power reactors situated at the Vogtle plant in Georgia were years behind schedule. Also, there were no new nuclear plants currently being built.

It remains the largest U.S. source of clean energy, as nuclear energy accounts for 19% of the U.S. power generation.

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