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Universities in the UK Considering Using NECO Results for Admission of Nigerians


On Wednesday, 15 May, Professor Ibrahim Wushishi attended an interactive session with journalists in Abuja. He, the registrar of the National Examinations Council (NECO) announced some changes in the examination board during this session. He said universities in the United Kingdom are considering using NECO as one of the criteria to admit Nigerian students.

From his announcement, about two universities have seen how credible the examination is and are willing to give it a fighting chance. According to the registrar, for the examination to receive complete validation here, it has to go online. Introducing Computer-Based Computers (CBT) might be tasking as the professor spoke about it.

NECO is the largest examination body in Nigeria, considering the number of examinations it conducts. Unlike Jamb, NECO has about 1.5 million students taking the exam in up to 76 separate subjects. Also, they take it in more than 150 different papers for university admission every year.

With this, migrating the paper-written exam to CBT will be more tasking, but it is worth the try. He further mentioned that the body will severely deal with every challenge this innovation might face, moving forward. According to the professor, experts need to sit and deliberate on the complexity of the task and find a way to handle it.

But first, it has to start from somewhere, which is the creation of awareness. Also, the organization has to actively involve itself in preparing the minds of the students who will be partakers. Next, it will get sophisticated methods to control malpractice and give every participant a fair run.

Internal NECO Crisis that Might Need Attention

NECO has recorded a huge debt for Niger State. The state owes the examination council about N500 million with no visible attempt to repay except words of promise. Due to this, the council has withheld the results of all the students who wrote the exam there.

Wushishi revealed this after the state government had paid part of the debt, leaving it to remain N500 million. He also said that they promised to clear the outstanding in due time with no fixed date.

These funds can be efficient in making NECO become CBT. Wushishi will make sure to get the loan repaid, according to him.

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