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Was it a Betrayal? Tuchel Slams Referee Over Controversial Offside Call


Bayern Boss Thomas Tuchel complained that the decision of the Referees to stop play just before his team scored a stoppage-time equalizer against Madrid Felt like a betrayal.

In the second leg of the Champions League semi-final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, , Bayern was ahead by a goal.

The game continued without more goals until the 88th minute when Joselu who came in as a substitute, scored 2 goals in three minutes.

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De Ligt fired right into the net what he thought would become the equalizing goal.

Little did he know that Assistant referee Tomasz Listkiewicz had already raised his flag signaling offside before the goal.

Madrid defenders had stopped before the goal shot was fired, because of the signal from the referee.

Television replays and VAR showed that it shouldn’t have been an offside, but it had already happened. Playing had been stopped, so the VAR could not intervene.

Tuchel complained that it was a very very bad decision that goes against the rules. According to him, he felt betrayed in the end.

‘Sorry, I Made a Mistake’: Listkiewicz

The linesman apologized, but Tuchel says it doesn’t help. He also confirmed that the referee Szymon Marciniak also said sorry, but that didn’t help either.

Tuchel lamented that everyone’s limits have to be tested, and every player is expected to play without mistakes. Therefore, the referee should also operate at that level.

He added that making excuses after the wrongdoing was not helpful. The referee was in the field because he is the best so they were expecting the best till the end.

According to De Ligt, Listkiewicz apologized for the mistake after full-time, saying he was sorry and that it was a big mistake.

After all, based on the rules, if the offside was not clear, the game should continue. From the former FIFA referee’s point of view, the mistakes identified were two.

The assistant referee raised the flag against the direction of holding the flag during the attacking phase of play.

Secondly, the referee made a mistake by accepting such a recommendation and blowing the whistle.


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